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Self Respect
Registered User
(2/24/02 1:46 am)
I'm surprised!
I'm really surprised by what is going on here. SL has been trying very hard to keep the dialog focus, but to no avail. I wander if some individuals are trying to brake the dialog purposely. Let us not forget the rumors that SRF wants to take over the Walrus. An excellent way to do it is this: to disrupt the dialog, making us loose focus.

Dhyana says

<<<<In my opinion after having researched them they are just a front for people who want to enjoy sex with another twist, but hey, there's something for everybody.>>>>

That "twist" that you mention so contemptuously makes all the difference. There is a universe in between just making love like an animal -- completely unconcerned about your partner's needs -- and to make love as an enlightened being; emphasizing love, intimacy, giving and union. Can you see the difference?

That "twist" can be as simple as silently repeating a loving affirmation (like the name of your partner) while you make love. As you reach orgasm you may find yourself saturated with love, and never again doubt the sacredness of sex.

That "twist" may be to focus intensely your attention at the heart centers (your's and your partner's heart center) as you reach orgasm. Try it, and then we talk.

Sex is not only sacred, it is also mysterious. There are many mysteries that few know -- least monks!

The need expressed here for understanding sex at a deeper level is the obvious result of two things:

First ) We were handed monastic teachings.
Second) Monastic teachings DO NOT WORK IN THE WORLD.

Telling people to go with their devotions somewhere else feels VERY rude to me. But there is such thing as Karma, dear Dhyana, and the way it works in this situation is this: “when we fail to empathize with those who suffer and we judge, we have to go through their same experience and suffering.” Anyone has had that experience? I hope you will not. I hope you will understand -- for your own good. You are “spitting to the sky.” You are looking for serious troubles.

SRF belongs to each one of Master's disciples, you are no body to tell another devotee to leave their path -- no matter how narcisistically entitled you may feel. And may this be a warning to all those naive individuals who have been doing the same thing lately --" telling us to go with our devotions somewhere else." I remind you that we are gods too. We are all gods. And if you hurt a god you pay the price. We do not need to move a finger -- one thought is enough; like to ask Master to give you a good lesson!

Only Master is entitled to guide one of his disciples into staying away from HIS organization. And, he will do it with love and for the well being of his disciple -- never with contempt. Not even for the sake of the organization -- because for him the individual was and is always first. We have given too many years, love, service, and money to SRF. Who are you to judge that we should live and you stay. Why don't you live and we stay?

I'm going to give you a piece of advise (for your own good): I suggest you apologize to SL and the other members of this board that you have offended.

Smoke Signals
Unregistered User
(2/24/02 6:48 am)
That is all rumors about SRF wanting to break up Walrus. I doubt if they care. I think it is more that some don't know how to create a new thread, and I think Chrisparis has some questions that need to be answered even though no one can answer them.

Unregistered User
(2/24/02 9:28 am)
Barking up the wrong tree
Lovemaker is simply barking up the wrong tree. He might be all into this "sublime sex" thing but that is just not the focus of SRF. Until he understands that, I guess we'll just have to suffer his whining messages "but you guys just don't understand, I really really reeeaaalllyyy like sex!" Sorry, we just don't care. There's plenty of people into sex on the net, it's the most popular thing, I'm sure he can find a group somewhere that's as much into sex as he is.

Sacred Lovemaker
Unregistered User
(2/24/02 12:11 pm)
I And My Intent Are One
We've put a lot of attention these days in spiritual leaders who have fallen from public grace through the abuse of their authority and influence. Usually the first infractions to be targeted are their sexual mishaps. This is not only restricted to spiritual leaders. We have witnessed similar scandals among political leaders. Bill Clinton is such an example.

The issue is never about whether sex is right or wrong, it is about the dissonance created between the image that person projects of their office versus their actual conduct. In the case of political leaders, we expect them to have a healthy sexual life, but it aggravates us to see our leaders use their position to obtain sexual favors rather than for solving the economic and social woes of the country.

The integrity of a spiritual leader is even more on watch by the public. When a spiritual leader demands superhuman renunciations from his or her disciples and promotes themselves as the paragon of self control and virtue, and when they are not living up to the image they demand of others, we call that a breach of integrity.

Sex is not the only way integrity is breached. When renunciants promote values of simplicity and then drive in fancy cars or live in expensive houses, this is a breach of integrity too. Integrity means one's professed aims and one's conduct are congruent.

When a spiritual leader preaches compassion, mercy and forgiveness (forgiving seventy times seven!!), when his or her organization proffers such aims and ideals as "to overcome evil by good...cruelty by kindness" and then secretly wages expensive lawsuits against former members and alienates disciples who do not exactly fit the conventional mold, then that leader and his or her organization is seriously in breach of integrity. When the president of an organization calls you "Dear One" and then treats you like @#%$ through the organization, then integrity has been breached. When you are told to pray that your donations may serve help sincere truth seeking souls everywhere, and when that money is actually being used to help attorneys get richer and or being wasted on badly chosen projects, then integrity is being breached.

Yesterday's New York Times declard that the General Accounting Office for the United States has filed a lawsuit against Vice President Dick Cheney to release papers as part of investigation into any influence Enron Corp may have had in formulating administration's energy policy. Our President and Vice President are trying to keep under wraps one of the biggest swindles in U.S. history. Our political leaders are voted into office based on our faith that they will protect us. And here they are actually stiffing us while they talk about patriotism.

So sex is not the issue here. Integrity is. And integrity can be breached on many fronts. When promises are broken, when people are not being sincere, that's when integrity flies out the window.

Paramahansa Yogananda wrapped himself in the ochre cloth of a monk. The party line according to his direct disciples is that one must renounce and heavily curb one's sexuality in order to gain God's favor. Those of us who have been serious seekers on this path have given up on many dreams and many desires. The thought that our guru may not have is extremely disturbing.

I personally believe he was celibate. But let's suppose for a moment he wasn't. Then where's the trust? How do we ever put our faith in any authority again? And we have to deal with feelings of betrayal and maybe even a sense of loss as we contemplate opportunities to connect with others which we cast aside in the name of our religiosity.

But is it because of sex? Suppose our guru was verifiably chaste but liked to gamble money and go on lavish junkets using the donations of his disciples all the while professing "plain living and high thinking." And so, year after year you live on your measly paycheck, barely getting by, and then find out your guru was living like Donald Trump. Would you become the high toned moralist in the pews waving your finger and crying out "Shame! Shame! Ramakrishna says that money is the root of all evil. Beware money, it will make many a fallen yogi!!"

Well guess what my friends? That's exactly the case in the present leadership at Mt. Washington. All fallen yogis who slipped on dollar bills....never mind the sex.

A new thread has been set up expressly dedicated for the discussion of integrity issues, which may include the Yogananda/Erskine rumor....
I And My Intent Are One

Registered User
(2/24/02 2:33 pm)
Missed the point
Nope! Sorry! I actually think that the verdict is, at worst "Not Proven" as they say in British law. I see no responses from the people on this site who have been at MW for years and years that lead me to think there was that kind of hanky-panky going on, and I'm fairly certain such stories, if true, would abound. I will go back to thinking PY was pretty much what he said he was.
Sacred Lovemaker: If you open the subject, it may lead in directions you wouldn't expect or want it to take. Kriya isn't a tantic path in the sexual sense in which it is usually spoken of here in the west. There are alot of people on this board who have another sexual aspect on their minds. If you open the door, you have to deal with the kinds of things you get. Sorry.

Sacred Lovemaker
Unregistered User
(2/24/02 5:21 pm)
To chrisparis
I'm just trying to see if there are any others in SRF who see things the same way I do. My intention was never to debate the validity of my beliefs or convert others to them.

I am only looking for people from my tribe. Granted we don't all mix well in SRF. So allow me to have a little corner for me and my friends on this message board. That's all I ask.

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