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(1/24/02 11:53 am)
What is Amrita?????????????
I dont know something about AMRITA

Can you give me some more Information about this

Thank you

Unregistered User
(2/10/02 7:00 pm)
Amrita P.O. Box 8080 Dallas, TX 75205

Publishing house dedicated to publishing original, "non-edited" works of Paramhansa Yogananda.
Today at a used book store I saw an edition of * The Second Coming of Christ*. The flyleaf had a picture of Yogananda with a bright cross on and underneath was an unretouched signature.
They sell or sold original lessons also.I do not know if they are still in business, but I got the address from the book for you.

If they are out of business, you might find some available from Ex/Ananda folks.
Please let me add: you will increase your knowledge and understanding if you drop hate. The Ananda devotees have had to buy from SRF and do what they could to get material. Many of them have Amrita material therefore. They too have had an exodus. They too are grappling with their spirituality given how they have been mistreated. They too have had a lengthly discussion particularly at the Tyler Foote Rd community; but it was largely hardcopy. I only heard about it.

Make no mistake: I am not nor have I ever been an Ananda member, but I was introduced to the way through them; then when the scandal came out I would have nothing to do with them; however, as I read your posts, I am putting things together to a more fulsome story. My intuition would never let me join SRF either. Also I have seen this doctrine of despise the flesh do the same thing in Christianity as it seems to have done in this lineage. Only Christians beleive in repentance, even publically. This path says "just go on" which is good; I think Master wanted to shoo away guilt, but I have seen the used as a denial technique. This denial based on this teaching is explicit among the Ananda folks.

My judgement on the Ananda thing (Don Walters' convited sexual abuse of women devotees): It is one thing for a man to slip from his vow, but it is a worse thing for a spiritual teacher to use his position to sexually abuse his devotees and stinkiyest of all to tell this that their compliance with their abuse would help them spiritually, and it is an even worse thing for his ministry as a whole to rally around the deception and try to send away devotee from their homes and businesses in order to "make things right." I asked the ministry there if someone had mistaken the comment in the Autobiog about being a blessing to sleep with the guru. I got no answer.

Then I saw the two most highly placed ministers answer simple questions with ad hominem arguments; rather than answering a question, they attacked someone's character. This is obviously unworthly behavior of any leader, never mind some one who is supposed to be a spiritual teacher.

So I have nothing to do with them. I see clearly. I have experience here. I also have connection with the divine within. So why hurt myself? and worse, others?

But I realize that you (pl) are in a different place, and it must be difficult. If you let me know how you would like me to pray for you (pl) I would.

All my love and friendship to you.

Unregistered User
(2/10/02 7:07 pm)
Ooops, sorry, new address:
Visit www.amrita.com

Or email prisi@amrita.com

see thread about lessons from '30s.

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