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Pig Ma
Registered User
(4/7/02 9:33 am)
Swami Shree Yogi Satyam

I ran across this on another kriya yoga board. I wasn't sure what linage to put him under, since he acknowledges Paramhansa Yogananda, and also the lines of Sri Yuketeswar and Lahairi Mahasaya.

Has anyone heard about him? It sounds like he practices kriya, I'm not sure what "brand", but that he has a universal outlook, honoring others who also practice kriya. He is now in the United States and will be doing a tour, it appears. In late May he'll be in Long Beach. I called the number on the website, and spoke to the father of the man who appears will be hosting him.

Registered User
(4/8/02 12:33 pm)
Re: Swami Shree Yogi Satyam
After visiting the site you've linked to I think that this person believes he is the reincarnation of PY. Plus he uses the same pictures and altar arrangement as SRF. Also he calls his ashram "Mother Center" which again is lifted directly from SRF.

The pictures and quotes from PY's writings that are on his site are all copyrighted material by SRF. Yet he makes no acknowledgment of that fact. I wonder what SRF would have to say about that as they sued Ananda for the same reason; unauthorized usuage of copyrighted pictures.

Pig Ma
Registered User
(4/8/02 5:10 pm)
Re: Swami Shree Yogi Satyam
Actually, I think I only saw the stuff about the "reincarnation of PY" as a testimonial from an enthusiastic student. Still, the maker of the website choose to put that up, which implies that is what they want others to think.

I don't think SRF can own the title Mother Center, and it's funny that the comparison whizzed right by me on that one. Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't even think about the use of copyrighted material as well- maybe if some of the quotes come from the original AY they'll be okay since that is in the public domain. Whatever their fate, I hope being sued isn't part of it.

I emailed them to ask about their form of Kriya, but I haven't heard back yet. (There's a possible language barrier, so I'll give it time before I try again.) I am wondering if it's the westernized version of our guru's, or if they are into kechari mudra, etc. I also had never considered practicing kriya as an overall health tonic, which they seem to promote as well. I just want to go forward on the path of self realization.

You made me think of some points I hadn't considered before, and I thank you for that. Is this the wave of the future? Kriyabans claiming to be the reincarnation of PY? Groups emulating SRF in order to get a following? And yet possibly this group is spreading the technique of kriya yoga in a loving way that transforms lives. I guess only time will tell.

Registered User
(4/9/02 12:16 am)
Re: Swami Shree Yogi Satyam
Dear Pig ma

I went through the site you have recommended , and would advise you to be very careful in your choice of a guru.
I am from India myself, and I can tell you one thing- indians by nature are very gullible and superstitious , practically every guru here is a avatar of some saint or god
Secondly , he "claims" to be a disciple of Lahiri Mahasay , No disrespect intended ,but the idea is ridiculous at its very best :) If you had visited India during the Kumbh mela , you would have met many such "disciples" of lahiri mahasay , who have received a more pure form of kriya directly from lahiri baba himself.
This person ,I feel,is not been honest about the line in which he has received kriya.

Check this quote from a Swami from Panchanon Bhattacharya Mahasay's line


Diksha is the Bija, the seed; Sadhana is the water nourishing the seed. Diksha without Sadhana soon looses power. Sadhana without Diksha is simply ridiculous. It is like pouring water into a pot, which, though filled with earth, contains no seed. Further, it is important that a Guru is qualified to give initiation. In the Kriya-tradition this is called Adhikar. As long as a Guru is not appointed by his own Guru to give initiation, the initiation possesses no power. Many ‘Gurus’ obtain some powerful Kriya or Mantra from their Guru, but were never told to initiate others. With the flow of time their lower nature pulls them down, and they want to become Gurus. Universal rule: A Guru who has no Guru is not a Guru.


Pig Ma
Registered User
(4/9/02 7:07 am)
Re: Swami Shree Yogi Satyam
Thank you for your comments, Willy1080. I had no idea you were from India- it's great to get to know you a little better!

By the way, I am not looking for a new guru, or for a new group to join. When the "shake up" occured in my viewpoint, I wondered, does this mean I am really in SRF anymore?

It did not mean a difference in my choice of guru, or in the direction of my sadhana. There are so many paths to God, and my inner direction feels that it is best to choose one and stick with that, and I have no need to waver from what I have received from Paramhansa Yogananda. One thing I love about our path is that I was able to take my unbringing of Christianity along with it, except now the bible teachings made sense. I also love how we honor the saints and sages of all religions, and see God in all.

I do know that I am not drawn to SRF services at this time. I will be going with a girlfriend to the Encinitas gardens soon on a "meditation date," and I am not boycotting SRF. I'm also going for a May visit to Ananda. I know there are those who disagree with me, but at Ananda I feel they are also with Master. During my first visit I thought of them as being "SRFie", but now I think it is more accurate to simply describe them as being with Master.

During the next few years, now that I've retired from full time work, I would love to visit many groups I've only read about, such as Oliver Black's place. I will also be happily connecting with others who practice the path of kriya. On my travels, if there happens to be a saint/honored one from another tradition or religion, I will also be happily visiting with them as well.

I appreciate this board, because many times in responding it helps me to clarify where I am at. In my meditation room at home, my altar is set up with the "original five", like it is at Ananda and at the Encinitas retreat in Master's home overlooking the ocean bluffs. In my bedroom, I have a prefab altar that I purchased a few years ago, with the SRF set up of 6. I gaze at both joyfully.

Near my bed, I have pictures of Anandamoyma, both young and old, because she is so, so, beautiful. I know that here we have discussed some of the goofy things that have happened at SRF, but still, the spiritual path to me is very beautiful, and I value all the experiences I've had as coming from God. We are in His hands, and I feel trust and sanctuary in that thought.

Edited by: Pig Ma at: 4/9/02 10:26:44 am
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