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Registered User
(1/23/02 10:04 pm)
Original Praecepta
This is available from www.amrita.com

I looked at the website earlier today and it has changed. It only has the homepage up but I think it is beautifully done.

I emailed them and this is part of the response:

"Amrita does have the original, unchanged PRAECEPTA Lessons (circa 1934-35) that we have been disseminating since 1979. We have completed these Lessons through Step 5 and have Step 6 and 7 to go. We publish only the first editions (unless the first was in India) of PY's writings and we also have Swami Dhiranandaji's writings that we will be publishing as funding permits.

"Amrita will also have out the very earliest Lessons that Yoganandaj/Dhiranandaji published in 1925....Amrita's name for the umbrella of early Lessons is called, Lightstar."

Hie Homeward within! :)

Unregistered User
(1/23/02 10:11 pm)
That would be interesting reading. Who are those people? What do we know about them. I remember that SRF does not like them much, which speaks well of them actually, but I don't know the story.

Registered User
(1/24/02 8:38 am)
Re: Lessons
Priscilla publishes the original lessons. I got a year or two of them. She isn't sending out the Kriya lessons. Maybe if you are interested in contrasting the two lessons (SRF and above) pick an early SRF lesson number and I will post the corresponding Amrita lesson (I guess there is no copywrite right?)

Priscilla, according to Shibendu Lahiri, used to run a prayer group for SRF and SRF threw her out. So for the last many, many years she has run this Amrita organization. (though I don't think it is very large). I guess this is her way to get the anger out. (They didn't have the Walrus board at that time)

I don't believe Priscilla is actually practicing Kriya anymore.

Registered User
(1/24/02 10:02 pm)
Re: Lessons
That sounds interesting, Username. How about Lesson #23? Although it has the instructions for the Hong-Sau in the SRF Copyrighted version it would be interesting to see how the original pracepta lesson #23 introduces the subject.

If that would be wrongfully publishing a 'SRF' technique I can pick another lesson. Actually why don't you go ahead and post one, any one, if you want, and I/we can get the SRF version for comparison.

Also thanks for the short bio of Priscella. I've gone to Amrita and it has always just be a page without any content. I'll have to look it up again to see the improvement.

Best to you

Unregistered User
(1/24/02 11:20 pm)
Re: lessons
"I don't believe Priscilla is actually practicing Kriya anymore."

Not that it is really any of our business but why would you think that? Also, I don't think she is making these old publications available just out of spite toward SRF. That is my impression but maybe I am wrong. From what I have heard she seems sincere.

Registered User
(1/25/02 8:39 am)
Praeceptum lesson 23 page 1 of 8

Some day, when I remove the mystery cork
from this bottle of flesh,
I will slip this long-caged, wistful sigh
of life back into the Ocean of Breath.
Yet, O Mystery, I will tear aside thy long
Deluding veil which has hidden from me
The liberating knowledge that the all-solacing
Bliss Sea lay just beneath my life's wave.
Long has this little Wavelet been tossed
And buffeted by the storms of rebirth,
Moving from shore to shore, from clod to clod,
Hiding in phosphorescent bosoms of pearls,
Throbbing beneath the subterranean algae,
Or dancing with the amoeba and sea urchins,
Or gliding among the siver-finned flying fish.
Dashing past the bubbles of stars
In the skiey ocean,
Or dancing on the shores of planetary life.
Many times this Wavelet tarried for a time
In the heart of the Great Life, and yet,
After a short slumber, mischievous and spritely,
It became truant again, and bounded out
Into the rocks of shattering sorrow.

Registered User
(1/25/02 9:03 am)
Re: Praeceptum lesson 23 page 2 of 8
"O Spirit, teach us to consider no work greater than Thy spiritual work, as no work is possible without the power borrowed from Thee. Teach us to feel that no duty is more important than our duty to Thee, as no duty is possible without Thee; and teach us to love Thee best, as we cannot live or love anything, anybody, without Thy Life, Thy Love."


Propaganda by ignorant people has been started against all breathing exercises because our great Hindu Masters warned students not to practice violent breathing exercises with weak lungs and because they asked students to practice breathing exercies under the guidance of a competent teacher, and not after reading about them in books.

Remember, just as oranges cannot be tabooed for all people because some people with ulcerated stomachs cannot eat them, so also, proper breathing exercises should not be forsaken because some people with extremely weak or infected lungs cannot practice proper breathing exercies. Laugh at anybody who tells you that all breathing exercises are dangerous. Everybody must properly perform Nature's breathing exercises, no matter whether he has good or bad lungs. Only remember that violent breathing exercises are dangerous for they may cause trouble even to apparently strong but inwardly weak lungs. Cast out all fear when you practice simple, but phyiscally and spiritually extremely beneficial breathing expercies which the Praecepta Teachings recommend.


If you are starving for oxygen because of improper body posture, you need to breathe deeply and to breathe properly. Those people who sit with a bent spind, and walk with a caved-in chest, squeeze the diaphragm and lungs and prevent them from properly opening and receiving the amount of oxygen necessary to clean all the dark blood in the lungs. When the lungs and diaphragm do not open properly, there is a lack of oxygen brought to the blood and the poisonous venous blood in the lower openings of the lungs remains unpurified and is poured back into the system in this condition. If you sit and walk with the chest out and the abdonmen in, you will take in the proper quantity of oxygen, and all your dark blood will be changed into red blood, and fresh blood and vitality will be poured into your system. It is better to lie on your back on a hard bed than to sit with a crooked spine and squeezed lungs, moving back and forth in a rocking chair. Use planks on you bed and put a spring mattress on top. This insures a straight and soft bed without being dangerous to your health by bending the spine, as a too soft bed does.

Food is necessary if you are starved; deep breathing is necessary if you are oxygen-starved. But as over-eating is unnecessary when you have food in your system, so is over-breathing unnecessary if your blood contains less carbon due to the right habit of eating fresh

End of page 2
--to be continued--

Unregistered User
(1/25/02 12:16 pm)
To username
Dear username,

Could you send the Praecepta lessons by subscription thru email? You could send one or two lessons per week to those interested. Many people will be glad for this unique opportunity.

Registered User
(1/25/02 1:34 pm)
Re: To username

I believe Amrita sells them. Are you asking me to type them in and e-mail them to you?
1) I don't think the lessons are all that great.
2) It takes to long to type them in. I still have 6 pages of this lesson to type in.
3) I don't have all the lessons.

If someone has a scanner maybe we can just scan them in and stick them on a website someplace. (Any suggestions on websites to use) Do you think that Amrita would mind? Is there any legal problems doing this?

Registered User
(1/25/02 6:31 pm)
Praeceptum lesson 23 page 3 of 8
fruit and little starch. If you are calm and there is less motion in the body, there will be less decay in the body and you will need to breathe very little, most of the time remaining breathless. That is why calm people breathe less, and the animal type of people, who eat starch and meat all the time, have to breathe like bellows and have to keep their Life Force and mind constantly busy with the physical functions of breathing and with the heaviness and motion of the flesh. Breathlessness and calmed internal organs free the mind, so that it can concentrate upon the soul.


It is extremely unwise to hold the breath in the lungs to the point of discomfort. Holding the breath forcibly in weak lungs is injurious. Weakness of the lungs must be cured before it is advisable to breathe deeply. People with weak lungs should breathe properly by keeping the body straight. Deep breathing is unnecessary for such persons until their lungs become strong. We must learn to breathe correctly by keeping the spine straight always. The suffocation pain felt when holding the breath in the lungs too long results from the constant pouring of venous blood into the lungs. When the oxygen is used up, the carbon dioxide in the lungs wants to get out and the thick dark blood, unable to be purified, keeps on accumulating and expanding the lungs, which are ready to burst.

Although you cannot kill yourself by holding the breath too long in the lungs, you can injure the lungs and the heart. Therefore, you must never listen to any charlatan or ignorant teacher who tries to teach from book knowledge only. Do not follow any teacher who tells you to hold your breath in the lungs for a long time, or tells you to practice violent breathing exercises.

When the lungs are filled to capacity with dark venous blood, the blood tries to push back through the pulmonary arteries into the heart. This may result in pains in the heart or leakage of valves, or may injure the over-expanding lungs. Nature made a good provision so that no one can kill himself by holding the breath in the lungs, because when venous blood strikes back in the heart from the over-filled lungs, the heart palpitates and fitfully shoots its current back to the medulla. The medulla becomes shocked and produces unconsciousness. When unconsciousness comes, breathing automatically starts again.


1) In doing the above do not force the breath in and out. Breathe naturally, only watch the course of the incoming and outgoing breath, mentally chanting Hong and Sau. If the breath naturally stops in the lungs or outside, wait until it flows again of itself.

2) Remember that the purpose of this practice is to increase naturally the intervals when the breath does not flow. If the breath goes in of itself and does not flow out immediately, wait and enjoy the state of breathlessness. When it comes out again, say Sau. If the breath goes out and stays out, wait and enjoy that state of breathlessness, until the breath wants to flow in again.

end of page 3 of 8

Registered User
(1/25/02 7:08 pm)
Re: Praeceptum lesson 23 page 4 of 8
3. The breath is first thrown out so that you may know when to begin mentally chanting Hong when the breath goes in. In ordinary breathing you are not aware whether the breath is in or out.

4. Do not force the breath in and out in order to chant. Let the mental chant follow the natural desire of the breath to flow in and out.

5. Concentrate upon the intervals when the breath does not flow without forcing this quiet breathless state.

6. By watching the breath, you metaphysically destroy the identification of the soul with the breath and the body. By watching the breath, you separate your ego from it and know that your body exists only partially by breath.

7. By watching the breath, what happens? When you first tense and relax the outer body and throw out the breath, you have removed motion and decay from the outward muscles, but not from the internal organs - heart, lungs, diaphragm, and so on. By watching the breath, breathing becomes rhythmic and calm. Watching of the breath calms and quiets the heart. A restless and worried mind increases heart action, and a quiet mind calms the heart action. A heaving breath also increases heart action and quiet breath calms the heart. By watching the breath calmly, both the breath and the mind become calm. A calm mind and breath slow down and quiet the motion of the heart, diaphragm, and lungs.

When the motion is simultaneously removed (1) from the muscles by relaxation and by casting out the breath, (2) and from the inner organs, heart, lungs, diaphragm, and so on, then the Life Energy, which is used to pump 18 tons of blood through the heart in 24 hours, retires to the spine and becomes distributed in the billions of body cells. This energy electrifies the cells and prevents their decay, making them self-sustained dry batteries. In such a state the cells do not require oxygen or food chemicals to sustain life. It is in this state that the vitalized cells do not need to repair decay, because when decay is removed from outer and inner organs the venous blood does not become impure and it does not need to be sent to the heart to be pumped into the lungs to be purified by the incoming oxygen in the breath.

This condition (prevention of the creation and increase of venous blood in the system, by doing away with outer motion and inner motion by watching the breath) does away with two things: -
1. Necessity of living by the human breath.
2. The necessity of heart action.

When man can live by "the Word of God" (Cosmic Energy) and not by bread or breath, and can control the heart, his body battery will be internally charged with Cosmic Energy, and it will not need to depend upon the outer sources of life (Food, liquid, and gases)

end page 4 of 8

Registered User
(1/25/02 10:58 pm)
Re: Praeceptum lesson 23 page 4 of 8
Hi Username,

That's quite a bit of typing. Thanks very much for doing so but I clearly wasn't thinking when I asked for you to post one lesson of Amrita's here on the board. Please stop typing as I can see what a burden it is and I have already read enough to see that the two are almost identical.

Some variance in form in places but they are quite nearly the same. I don't know what SRF has against Amrita for publishing them, probably because they can't control it, but if they are all like this lesson, well then, the ones I got back in the 60's and early 70's from SRF will suffice.

I see that someone posted in the Publications part of this site about the necessity of updating the lessons in English. Maybe they will finally get around to doing so. It will help to clear up alot of the questions and problems that people have today. I remember a satsang where one of the questions was why did PY write in such an old-fashioned style. Satyananda said that it wasn't old-fashioned, but I deduced that the question was from a young member and I think that if they want to attract young people they'll have to, not change, but at least update the lingo.

Anyway, thanks for the yeoman job. And sorry for not thinking through my request!


Registered User
(1/26/02 6:25 am)
English Lessons
I was told 5 years ago that the English Lessons were ready. So where are they? At the time I was excited that they would be formatted more professionally and cleaned up. Now I am worried what weird stuff the bad ladies will introduce.

Unregistered User
(1/26/02 10:52 am)
To username
I am sorry. I didn't know you were typing; I thought you had them in your computer or had a scanner. I know Amrita sell them, but they don't accept credit card payment yet, and a bank order from my country is very, very expensive.

Registered User
(1/26/02 5:11 pm)
Re: To username
Parabastha, Maybe we can work something out. I live in the US and would be able to forward lessons to you. Give me about 4 weeks and then we'll discuss it. I need to take care of a few things first.

Unregistered User
(1/27/02 2:39 pm)
To AumBoy
Thank you, AumBoy! I'll be looking forward.

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