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Registered User
(11/20/03 7:42 pm)
Re: Sound Advice from an Elf!
Ranger, Thanks for the new (to me) link ompage. Yoganandaji.org is also one I have never heard of.

Poor old yb sounds a bit frazzled, but don't go too near the quivering corpse, it could be an act. Now if I can just find my own elf-self and go within to commune, I think I left it in my other jacket pocket, or maybe its on tv just now, nope, here it is clattering away at the keyboard.:eek

Punk Yogi
Registered User
(11/21/03 4:39 am)
In Praise of God's Little Zombie Elves
In Praise of God's Little Zombie Elves

Zombie elfers are God's little helpers
Tiny one-ouncers
Who act as God's bouncers
When a soul has enough
Of bunkum and stuff
God sends out his elves
To smack his fat duff

In this way
He realizes what's cool and what sucks

Registered User
(11/21/03 5:14 am)
Re: Sound Advice from an Elf!
Trying to remember how the original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ended. I think it came down to the main character and his girlfriend (wife perhaps). I think he lost sight of her for awhile; finding her again, he called to her so they could flee the city together, she then raised her arm, pointed and hissed.

Three's a charm. First OneTaste turned out to be an elf, Siddhartha got converted, and now the good Reverend Punk Yogi removes his mask as well to reveal yet another elf!

What a horrible house of mirrors revealing the elf within myself. Actually this is quite an interesting story and an even better lesson for us all.

Keep chopping at this spiritual authority of YellowBeard; we're almost free ...

Punk Yogi
Registered User
(11/21/03 10:59 am)
Boo Hoo, They Misunderestimate Me!
Oh my deer deer Yellowbeard

The yellow in your beard must have reflected the light of the sun too brightly into your eyes, for you have completely misunderestimated Punk Yogi. Punk would rather have a sex change operation... even grow breasts on his forehead and wear a mustache on his left knee than be called an elf.

Calm down, there is no utility to your being paranoid. I saw the movie too. Here's what really happened: The actress who plays the wife hissed because she was choking on a piece of hamburger she had eaten just before filming her scene. She pointed to a glass of water just out of range of the camera hoping to chase down the obstinate chunk of ground beef now lodged in her throat. But the director was enamored with its dramatic potential and let the cameras roll.

"Love your neighbors, till they annoy you" -- P. Y.

Siddharthas Kid
Registered User
(11/21/03 6:43 pm)
Re: Boo Hoo, They Misunderestimate Me!

"converted"???? to WHAT????

hell, as best I can figure, I got promoted recently when I learned how to prevent my tarib strings from breaking!

I was promoted to "sitarji" heheheh :)

Amen and pass the potatoes! haha

Man YellowBeard, is yer clock stuck at 4:20 all day?
or do you suck down a little too much bhang? heehee
nothing wrong with that, as long as you can remember yer way home!

You need to lighten up a little!
When I worked in the fruit warehouse (most of my life) there was one lady who always would say under her breath when someone said "jesus", she'd always say, "better call on a closer friend!"

I always kinda liked that!
People in lo income professions tend to be pretty practical, if you catch my drift............!

So lighten up and quit sweatin' the small stuff.......you can lead a horse to water but ya can't make 'em drink....!
The best you can hope for is to be a decent human yourself, "even the dull and ignorant, they too, have their story"................!

See ya round like a frisbee!
Siddhartha's Kid

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