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Unregistered User
(8/3/01 9:34 am)
Waste? You guys know about peoplesoft?
A standard joke is the "peoplesoft accounting project". How common is the knowledge of it out there? This is an accounting system they have spent 8+ million on so far, some folks say more. (To be fair this amount is only a rumor, I have not seen them write the checks!) I don't know exactly what it replaced but I believe it was a dinky PC based product like Microsoft Money or something. This is part of what I believe they don't want the membership to get wind of.

There is no real problem with a company spending so much on accounting I suppose. But this cost is way out of line obviously and would generate the dreaded criticism they fear so much. Not sure why they did it. I will try to find out or get some friends to post about it.

Unregistered User
(8/4/01 9:00 am)
Only part of the story is the cost of that accounting project. This project as been a cancer that has really split things and caused a big power struggle. The cost you quoted is probably low, I hear numbers much higher as a big six accounting firm has had their hooks on us for five years. I hear some of the consultants we have are billing SRF over $350,000/year each.

SRF can spend what they want on accounting, that is not the issue. But it is being used to control the rest of the organization. And considering it probably cost $150 to $200 for every active member of SRF, this has got to raise some concerns.

Unregistered User
(9/6/01 8:05 am)
They pay some of the accounting people $150 to $200 an hour while we member employees get $10 to $15, minimal benefits (and only recently), and no chance for promotion. I wish the mother of compassion would tell us how this is rationalized.

I know I should probably just quit if I don’t like it. The old “love it or leave it”. I am scared to leave at this stage of my life and don’t know what I can find. Why can’t SRF just treat us with respect?

Mr Sympathy
Unregistered User
(9/6/01 9:05 am)
To Koi and all other SRF peons

Daya Ma took that ishta (name) not because she's a mother of compassion but because she needed to make compassion part of her life's lesson.

I'm sorry to hear you've been left in the lurch. This is a common experience for all us overly trusting SRF-ers. We're all being taught something through these disappointments. Practically speaking, I would recommend you get career counseling and research your alternatives. I'm sure you have transferable skills you could make do with. If you're up in years, read the book "Age Wave" (I forget the author's name) for an encouraging perspective on work and leisure. If you do decide to quit, you could come back to SRF as a consultant and charge them $100 to $200 an hour for your services. Of course you will have to drum up work elsewhere as well, and you won't get that sheltered feeling working on your own, but, hey, such is life.

It takes a few incarnations to know how to have an inner life. On the road to interiorization, we've forgotten how to survive and compete in the world. It's just a game we forgot how to play. SRF gave us a niche. But SRF didn't care to make those niche's resonate with the needs of our times. So we became casualties of that neglect. It is tragic. My advice: never, never, never, never, never, again undersell yourself.

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