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Unregistered User
(9/23/01 7:58 am)
Waste Items and Plan of Action
Troubling waste of time? How about their reaction to this board?

1-        Meetings with the monastics to control them and make sure they know that being loyal to SRF (i.e. the management) means not looking or contributing to this board.
2-        The time spent in the review of this board by Br. Terry. (BT)
3-        When BT finds some terrible bit of information that could bring down the organization (on this dinky board with fewer than 50 people looking at it) then he prints it and discusses it with the management committee.
4-        Some of it will go to the president and waste more time. She pats BT on the head and tells him what a loyal monk he is and how she feels for these poor souls. “Have the lawyers seen this yet?” she asks.
5-        Copies of all of it are made and filed somewhere in Legal department.
6-        They suspect so and so is now adding information to the board so they take the time to pull that person’s personal file (yes, they keep personal files on ALL members). They make a note in the file.
7-        They of course add that person’s name to one of the black lists. I imagine it is a real time waster these days to keep track of all the different black lists. Realize that the different areas don’t trust each other and keep individual black lists.
8-        Then there are the meetings with the lawyers to start to build a case for getting the board kicked off the Internet. Can you imagine them spending the devotee donations on lawyers for this little board? The lawyers are paid to look into the rules and so on and so on.
9-        A special committee is formed to find out how to deal with the growing threat of the Internet. If a few people can start a little board like this, it is so easy that others might do it too? And what happens when the general population of SRF finds the board! They have to have a plan of action so that they can deal with these kinds of things.

1- Why don’t you find the employees you think might be contributing and fire them.
2- Write a letter to the membership that you really are good people and that those in charge are selected by the great ones and should be in charge. Have the letter read at the temples during a service. Use a sweet kind devotional loving man like Bro. Bhaktananda to read the letter for you to give it an honest look. Use his credibility to help sell the letter’s message.
3- At the next Convocation drive the message home that the world will attack us because SRF is so good and holy, that the world will never understand us, that such a strong light of goodness will always attract the darkness of unfair attacks.
4- Be sure to mention that Master said it would be like this with some generic “near quote” to add credibility to your message. (i.e. use the character and stature of Master to give you credibility)
5- Another good message is to mention that direct disciples are in charge and heavily imply that they were selected by Master and that it makes them glow with goodness as a result.
6- Be sure to include in the message that the SRF leadership is not perfect and (could possibly) make mistakes, although unlikely. This will make them seem humble. Include that they are just directed by God and Master. (That implies that these “evil doers” are disagreeing with God, a really good one)
7- Take credit for how good they feel at Convocation. It is evidence that management is good and the right things are being done. Don’t mention that it is because of Master’s presence and the fact that so many devoted disciples are together in one place.
8- Put out a VL appeal asking for help with heavy legal fees due to all these unfair attacks. Alternately ask for money for some unrelated thing like a new air conditioning system for a building just to squeeze more money out of the members.
9- The monastics are part of the problem, so make sure all the monastics are loyal or they need to leave immediately. Come up with some new vow or pledge that says they will not criticize or have any thoughts not expressly given them by management. And they should absolutely know that if the EVER plan to leave the ashram (i.e. dissolve into evil) they should leave right now.
10- Don’t accept new monastics into the order for a while.
11- Stop hiring disciples as employees. Disciples don’t understand our ways.

Management has to realize that this is a war. And nothing short of total victory will do. These 11 steps to correct things will be difficult, and some members might not like them, but you have to root out the world’s terror organizations trying to bring down the Religion of the New Age. You are the chosen ones. Your freedom must be protected!

You could alternately start to treat people with respect, start to practice the teachings, start to treat members and monastics with kindness and compassion.

People might criticize you for that but you won’t need lawyers to defend yourselves.

Unregistered User
(9/23/01 4:41 pm)
What a bunch of sorry losers these people appear to be!

Thank God I was guided out of this organization! I thank Master so much for that. In the early days, when Lahiri Mahasaya was around, there was no organization, only a network of sincere yogis. So I feel more in tune with that spirit.

As Hitler surfaced into power, the first thing he did was massacre all who did not share his vision. That included some of his closest friends. While doing this he maintained a pervasive front of propaganda which displayed him in a favorable light. Hitler too wanted to keep the purity of his Aryan culture intact. In one sense, it could be said he was justified. After the Treaty of Versailles, the country was at the verge of extinction and nobody was able to rescue it from economic collapse and the decline of morale. So Hitler did what was expedient. Stalin also. He industrialized the Soviet Union at practically the speed of light. He just kept building and either sent people who were glitching progress to Siberia or to their deaths.

It appears to me that SRf management walks the path of the Asuras who destroy with force and revenge. The aformentioned dictators all paved the road to their own demise because the vibration of the age had change to Dwapara Yuga. Master declared this age the age of Reason, not blind obedience and totalitarian rule. What is evident in the political and ideological dimension today is a violent dismantling of the last vestiges of Kali Yuga. This is futher confirmed by the astrological placement of Saturn opposing Pluto in the heavens at 12 degrees Gemini and 12 degrees Saggitarius, respectively --- an augery which denotes the revolutionary, transformational spirit pit against rigid psychological and ideological structures.

Silence us and the very rocks and stones will cry it out. If this message board gets silenced, if we are quashed by professional rule-benders, it makes no difference. Nature abhors a vaccuum. The hydra will grow a new head somewhere else, and this will go on endlessly until all who comprise Master's family return back to the basics of good old fashioned REAL communication. Master said fools argue and wise men discuss. What then do you call someone who refuses to either argue or discuss?

With this in mind, it becomes apparent that the SRF management has crossed a line. Because of this tactic, it will further polarize the movement of SRF, alienate a growing multitude, and create a reactionary army of souls who, I imagine in 200 years, might return with Master to take care of the mess they've made. I don't mean this poetically.

And be prepared. This managment will fight to keep their precious Kali Yuga motor humming well into the dawn of a new age. And like the fanatical Muslims who want to turn back the clock on the rest of the world, so will they endeavor with a zealous mission to keep SRF entrenched in feudal management practices and 1950's style paranoia and quaint attitudes. This is either bloody war or we walk away and let them have their island to do as they will.

If prefer the latter. I predict there will be a flowering of Master's message from many splinter groups outside of SRF.
The Mata's have a notion in their heads that God and the path back to Him can be trademarked like a Disney product. But the real temple of Self Realization will be a wall-less one with only ties of spiritual fellowship binding souls together. Yes, there will be an SRF church in the future. And it will be glorious and perhaps even healthy as far as any organized religion can be, but this will be an alternative for people who need a worldly framework on their search for God. The real church of Self-Realization --- I repeat -- is a wall-less temple comprised of diverse people, many who will never set foot in a piece of prized SRF real estate. For God is not a building, He is omnipresent consciousness.

Unregistered User
(10/3/01 6:29 am)
Splinter Groups
I was always told by SRF (SRFers) that splinter groups were bad. That they corrupted the teachings. SRF was the one true way.

Of course they do accept all other religions, they make a big case for that. Just not other religions that also honor and teach Yogananda's message. That is really weird isn't it?

Unregistered User
(10/3/01 9:52 am)
Radiated out...Where to go?
If SRF continues to alienate, there will have to be splinter groups. In its present leadership, SRF has become provincial and riddled with self-made contradictions. On top of that, the leadership maintains a monologue with the members. So, there is nothing for a member to do except abdicate his or her mind and follow blindly and obediently. That may be necessary for a 2-year old child, but it is debilitating for a mature adult. Those who refuse to do this get radiated out of the work.

I'm acquainted with a gentleman who is relatively new to SRF. He was so excited about going to this year's Convocation and asked me if I was going. I was honest and told him I find very little inspiration in SRF events. He looked at me quizzically, so I volunteered to tell him the briefest facts about what my beef was. He didn't really want to know...was on honeymoon I guess....so I ended up refraining. That was the tenor of our conversation for many months until recently when he related how, after Black Tuesday, during an SRF temple service, the minister led the congregation in singing "God Bless America" and spoke positively about the need to go to war....like a good bunch of right wing Republicans. Irrespective of my acquaintances political sidings, I will say that what offended him most was that he had come that morning to hear about how to contact God, but he ended up instead having to stomach the rhetoric of a politically naive SRF minister. He protested by walking out. Sound familiar? The point is SRF stupidity finally caught up with him. Silently amused, I recalled how months ago I told him "Sooner or later, you will understand what I'm talking about."

Unregistered User
(10/3/01 4:58 pm)
Very True - Everyone sees it eventually
It is very true. The closer you get the quicker you learn the truth. I wish everyone out there would just stay away and keep meditating and reading the Lessons to keep from getting so discouraged or hurt. I remember the good old days of thinking all was right with the religion for the new age (SRF).

I see some of the monastics still there, and see how they still hold onto the hope that they can change things (ego) or that things will get better (denial). What is going to happen in the next 10 years that things will get better?

Wake up and smell the roses! Master is telling us to look to him directly. He is shouting it at us. Why else would he let the place degrade so much. He is telling us to look to him, look to God. Don’t put your faith in people and organizations as a substitution. How much more plain can he make it?

Master IS running the place. And he has put dysfunctional disappointing people in charge to keep us from looking to them for leadership or meaning. Get the Lessons, read the Gita, and meditate.

And move and don’t give SRF a forwarding address………

Pig Ma
Registered User
(1/12/02 9:47 pm)
Re: Splinter Groups
Crog- you stated simply what I've noticed too. It is very, very wierd. Of course, we don't have to buy into the wierdness. I visit the churches in my neighborhood (Morman, Christian, Catholic) and I visit the splinter groups!

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