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Unregistered User
(9/9/01 10:31 pm)
VL for Accounting Proj?
8+ Million for an accounting system? How much did the Lake Shrine project cost? Why hasn’t the membership heard of this? I thought the Lake Shrine temple cost us about $5 million and there were VL appeals, a video, and letters asking for help and support. They kept us somewhat informed due to the size of the expenditure (I thought that was the reason). Is SRF planning on a VL story about the new system?

Unregistered User
(10/4/01 6:24 am)
VL Story!
No VL story, this expenditure for Accounting is to be kept a secret. Remember that money means nothing as they feel that God will provide them what ever they need. Unfortunately this is a rationalization for not being strong and making good business decisions. Hey, that fear concept again. They don’t want to take the chance of canceling the project as their high priced consultants say it is necessary. Of course the consultants are getting rich over it, but it is easier just to keep giving them Master’s money rather than take a chance and make a decision.

Been there
Unregistered User
(11/4/01 10:26 am)
People soft expenditure
Wouldn't it be "funny" if Mother Center suddenly pulled the plug on People soft the same way it abandoned the expensive Master Plan? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it went either way -- either an extended and unchecked expenditure, or just millions down the drain. And since it is deemed a secret and not exactly material for the VL appeal, no one will ever know! The ones that would know, of course, will be either too hypnotized to complain or simply branded as disloyal or "off." A perfect set up for the BOD either way....

Unregistered User
(11/4/01 2:10 pm)
The peoplesoft project is just about control. The wasted money means nothing, the fact that is slows things down means nothing, the fact it is shining a light on the mata sickness is still unappreciated by the bad ladies.

The project is serving God's purpose. It is a tool allowing more and more people to see the bad ladies for what they are. It is part of their training.

Unregistered User
(1/2/02 7:33 am)
More @#%$
I recently heard more stories about how the peoplesoft project is slowing things down and creating an inharmonious environment. I am more convinced than ever that it is a tool of Master's to "clean house" and help people to see what the organization has become.

Registered User
(1/2/02 8:05 am)
Re: More @#%$
Your reply here rather scares me. Computer software often has problems being installed. Usually this occurs when it is being installed by inexperienced people, who haven't installed a lot of software.
Your reply reminds me of what I heard a SRF monk say once about messages from a TV being from master.

When someone thinks that the TV is giving them messages, usually psychologists consider that person as insane.

But your comment is the SRF way of thinking, that is what is so scary for me. It IS an insane way of thinking. It causes inaction. Instead of looking for the true reason the computer software isn't working, (or your relationship isn't working, or your job isn't working, or your life isn't working, or your health isn't working), you assign a broader vision to the problem, saying Master is cleaning house,(master doesn't want me to be with this person, master has a better job in store for me, my life being all messed up is master's way of showing me maya, my poor health causing me to be bedriden gives me more time to meditate) and you will tend to put up with the poor conditions rather than determining a solution to the problem.

Unregistered User
(1/2/02 8:31 pm)
Can’t argue with your message! You are correct.

They hired people to install the software and run the project who had no experience with the software. They had very little experience with software period yet they paid these consultants $150/hour plus each. At one point they had a women on their team just to write newsletters about the project who was probably making near that.

For those who work at SRF or know someone on the inside the project failed for very predictable reasons. The SRF computer department people tried to warn them for years (they were left out of the project) and some were even fired for their warnings.

No deep investigation is needed.

Moving past that, why was it allowed to go on? Power is the answer, and cowardice to resist those who wanted it. Having these outside people install software which would help Accounting control more of the operation gave Accounting more power.

My comment was trying to analyze why it was allowed to go on after a six month project went for six years. Why were the bad ladies allowed to drive such a spike of inharmony into the organization? Why did “God” or “Master” look the other way?

My theory is that the organization is too “president” focused and was heading in the wrong direction. This project was just the billboard advertising it.

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