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(6/20/03 3:48 am)
Jedi Padawan finds the board
Dear SRF Walrus

I reallly want to communicate with others on your website. I am not sure I understand what Cookies is and it says on my computer that I have to have Cookies in order to access this website. I have been reading the posts and am relieved that I am not the only one who has been struggling with SRF.

I love Master and I know in my heart that his techniques cannot be exhausted. Kriya is amazing, but as far as the organization I feel like I went through 10 years of forcing myself to go to the temple or Srf meditation group and yet I never was able to make any lasting friendships as I do now going to other spiritual groups. Devotees would only ask me about my job and ask the same silly question ARE YOU WORKING? If I told them I have other interests besides my work, they say Hi Bye Gotta run! It really hurt me. I love music and writing and chanting and I felt like no one supported that. Music could only be valuable if it made it to Mother Center's hall of fame. If you never gave a concert for Daya Ma, forget your music having any spiritual value. Devotees would feel like "it's not blessed with the right vibrations if it didn't have Mother Center's official stamp of approval and no one would want to hear any music that wasn't "sanctioned" by SRF Aristocracy.

For all these years I suppressed the talents I had because temple members would make me feel like "it was all ego" to want to share them with others. I would love to hear from other Walrus devotees. I would love to hear that Master really does understand what we are going through. I do not go to temple anymore because I am tired of people always identifying me only with how I earn my living. I tell them "Let's talk about Master," or I share with them devotional stories and they just leave with their Gottarun speech.

For the first time, I am learning that there are other kriyabans out there doing special things for the Lord and some of them are even unknown by Daya Ma and the SRF aristocracy. I know a shaman who closely works with Yogananda. Also I heard that the Pope's nephew is an SRF devotee. Gandhi was one of Master's favorite and yet I know that Master didn't tell Gandhi to stop chanting his mantra and only go to SRF. I gave up my talents for a long time because I believed they weren't blessed since they weren't received by SRF. Now for the first time, I am realizing that the things I do can be just as much blessed as what the lay disciples and monastics do.All of us are special to Master. I don't need to listen to this put down speech that devotees say when they wistfully say, "Probably in our next life, we'll be more advandced and we'll be nuns at MC." I'll be so glad to connect with some other Walrus devotees. I honestly can't see Master reprimanding me in my Afterlife for not attending the SRF temple any more. I just can't see it. Somehow in my heart I can't see it. He is always with me through Kriya Shakti no matter where I go. I certainly can relate to how Anakin Skywalker felt toward the Jedi Council especially Mace Windu.

[name removed]
Master's Jedi Padawan

Dated March 2003

SRFWalrus: Just another example of the type of email we receive when people find the board.

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(6/20/03 2:19 pm)
Re: Jedi Padawan finds the board
Forcing yourself to go to temple. That rings a loud bell. I used to force myself to go for Yogananda only, because that was the only real reason I had to go. It was hard going otherwise because the people were not friendly, and it wasn't as if I needed them to pal around with, but something more than "hello" and "goodbye", and then to bring a friend and introduce them, and have them be rude to my friend was rather embarrassing to say the least.

And the chanting. How much I desired to chant to other chants. When I found Krishna Das I was estatic, and yet how much guilt I felt for listening to music his and others chants. Then going to a Krishna concert and finding that a few SRFers, including two monks went to see him. So now everyone in SRF was closed minded.

And how much I used to feel that Master would leave me if I read other books, attended other groups, chanted other chants, and yet that was all fear tactics much like the fear of going to hell if you don't stay in your own church. The guru can't leave you because it is a tie that cannot be broken. And he doesn't care where you go to service or even if you do, or what you sing, or read, etc. His only purpose is to bring you to God. He has no ulterior motive

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(6/24/03 12:23 pm)
Using Talents
Guests and All,

Judith Cornell, ph'd, highly talented, and loved throughout the world, close prsonal friend, not only was not respected by monks at Richmond for her talents [ former Bro. Arjunanada was something of an exception, opening up a one-day forum to hear her and include her thoughts hin a small group ]


,,, not only were her talents not wanted, she saw throughout the organization that many, highly talented and others, wer locked up, psychically blocked, creativity switched off.

I might even have a hundred examples.

One in the last month.

A devotee of three years in both Northern and Southern Temples, and in his twenties, is unknown for his website, and though he is busy and professional person
......his website www.kidfarm.org
```` is a great new light to the disadvantaged sixth to eighth graders as this site and his efforts with others, brings college students from all the colleges in the Bay Area to after school programs in Oakland. CA

Go for the gold of talents and world community.

Another one, all of these our personal friends

this site India Unveiled, and the book of the same name is available at convocation and some Temples at times.

It blazeda whole new trail, and met resistance [along with some help, notably from Dharmananda and especilly Devananda]
....met resistance in one example, time precludes the whole story
.....Anilananda, though in the end he embraced Bob Arnett, at first said to Bob, who was planning his slide show at San Diego Temple, do not call upon anyone's assistance hear, they are not to be available to you [ for instance in helping get the book out ]

So when this first came out maybe 7 years ago, yo all in SD were'nt aware at all that Anil took it upon himself [without any knowledge on your part] to preclude in that one instance how your energies were to be used or available

Go for the Gold

You are talented, thank you for writing SRF Walrus
Thank You SRF Walrus

talent circle

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