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Open forum for the discussion of SRF (Mt.Washington - Los Angeles), it's practices, goals, and relationship to members and monastics/employees. Our aim is to help each other, provide an alternative source for information about SRF, and allow us all to share our opinions.
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King

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    Sticky Topic What will be contained here? 0 6/3/03 6:13 am srfwalrus
    Call to action 0 6/3/03 6:43 pm srfwalrus
    How strick is SRF in giving out Kriya? 0 6/3/03 6:38 pm srfwalrus
    Help finding a female 0 6/3/03 6:29 pm srfwalrus
    Higher Kriyas 0 6/3/03 6:24 pm srfwalrus
    help the healing process 0 6/3/03 6:18 am srfwalrus
    Walrus Image 0 6/3/03 6:13 am srfwalrus
    The God I know is not punishing, nor retaliatory 0 6/3/03 6:06 am srfwalrus
    I to have had some weard experiences with mothercenter 0 6/3/03 6:01 am srfwalrus
    How does one get a sanskrit name 0 6/3/03 5:58 am srfwalrus
    srf [leadership] to purify their characters 0 6/3/03 5:56 am srfwalrus
    Mum and Dad 0 6/3/03 5:52 am srfwalrus
    shocked to find a message board full of cynicism 0 6/3/03 5:48 am srfwalrus
    I am so thankful to know I am not alone 0 6/3/03 5:44 am srfwalrus
    I have found your board very helpful 0 6/3/03 5:42 am srfwalrus

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