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(2/10/02 7:59 pm)
Bernard and Yogananda, Part Three

This is the last segment of a three part series of stories concerning Bernard's experiences with Master, that he related at a satsang in 1978.

This last part has to do with Yogananda's passing.

*        *        *         * *         *         *         *         *         *        *

Bernard's tone turned serious as he spoke of the days following Master's mahasamadhi. Bernard wasn't present at the occasion itself: only Kriya-nanda, Daya Mata and Ananda Mata were there (I believe) of the direct disciples. But he attended the funeral ceremony at Mt. Washington.

Afterwards, he was among the group of those keeping watch over Master's body during the night. In fact, he was in on the last shift, although his thinking during those nocturnal hours was probably very different from that of the other disciples.

He said that, whenever he looked at Master lying in the casket, his mind kept going back to the amazing things that Yogananda had done with his body in the early years. It occurred to him that Master might be doing something similar now—stopping his breath, and so on.

"I asked myself, 'What's the old boy up to?' I half expected him to sit up in that casket and laugh at the joke he'd played on us."

Yet, as the hours went by and Master remained motionless, Bernard started to realize that his guru had really left his body and gone for good. This was a hard thought to get used to.

Bernard said that toward the end of his shift, he walked off away from the casket and stood looking out of a window. He was feeling very sad.

As he stood there, he was treated to a spectacular view. The sun was just peeking up over the horizon, and the shift and play of bright colors and shadow through the San Gabriel Mountains was something to see.

It was then in those moments of a new day dawning that Bernard was blessed with a vision.

He said that, while he was looking out over that beautiful scene, his spiritual eye opened and he found that he was seeing the physical reality and its astral counterpart at the same time. Furthermore, as the sun rose, Bernard saw another light moving through the mountains.

It was, he said, an astral highway of light that was winding its way through the mountains, coming ever closer to Mt. Washington. And on that highway of light, Bernard saw figures moving.

"The residents of heaven were coming," Bernard told his audience, "all the saints and masters were coming to greet Yogananda. And they were singing and dancing as they came. And the music they made. And the joy of their faces. It was a celebration. And it was inexpressibly beautiful."

Bernard began to weep, and he had to stop speaking.

After awhile, he began again.

"I'm sorry," he said, "but I have never shared this experience with anyone before. And now, while I'm telling you, I am seeing it all happen again as it did then, so many years ago."

With these words, Bernard ended his portion of the satsang with Kriya-nanda and Norman Paulsen at the Brotherhood of the Sun community in Santa Barbara.

But, before the satsang ended, the three disciples sat together for a time in silence in their chairs on the speaking platform. And they held hands together, with Bernard and Norman on either side, and Kriya-nanda in the middle.

My friend who was present at this occasion said that, while they sat there thus, a visible tremor passed through their arms and hands, as if they were vibrating.

And Kriya-nanda said, "I feel that Master is present here with us. And that he is pleased."

        *        *        *         * *         *         *         *         *         *        *

I wish to end these stories by asking your prayers for Bernard's spirit. People who knew Bernard in his later years said that he passed through some spiritual crises. If these stories brought you inspiration, please send some of that inspiration to his spirit in the astral world.

May Master bless us all and keep us in his light.

Pig Ma
Registered User
(2/10/02 10:06 pm)
Re: Bernard and Yogananda, Part Three
Dear Lanfranc,

Thank you ever so much for sharing these very special stories that I have never heard before. It is very much appreciated.

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