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Open forum for the discussion of SRF (Mt.Washington - Los Angeles), it's practices, goals, and relationship to members and monastics/employees. Our aim is to help each other, provide an alternative source for information about SRF, and allow us all to share our opinions.
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King

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  posticon Another Hilda Charlton's story 1 3/28/06 3:01 am
by: Secret Wind
    link to videos of Master 0 1/27/04 5:51 pm Paramadas
    link to videos of PY 0 1/2/04 11:33 pm metheuse
    What ever happened to Richard Wright? 2 11/20/03 1:32 pm
by: Box Score Jones
    Mejda Won't Eat 18 11/7/03 7:22 pm
by: stermejo
Box Score Jones 
    Lake Shrine Dedication 1 10/18/03 5:49 am
by: parabastha
    Bernard and Yogananda, Part Three 1 2/10/02 10:06 pm
by: Pig Ma
    Photos 1 3/18/02 8:34 pm
by: Lobo
    Bernard meets Yogananda, Part One 2 2/3/02 10:04 pm
by: Pig Ma
    Hilda Charlton meets Yogananda 8 2/5/02 12:49 am
by: JadeDragon
  posticon Storys about Master - Unofficial 7 1/30/02 8:54 am
by: Lanfranc
    Bernard and Yogananda, Part Two 0 2/6/02 8:54 am Lanfranc
  posticon Ted Beck-one of the early disciples 0 2/5/02 3:32 am Devotee

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