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(1/9/03 9:47 pm)
SRF andLawsuits
Hi to "me"

Regarding SRF and lawsuits. Reply to post dated 12/23/01

Self-Realization Fellowship does not pursue lawsuits to discredit anyone. I will assume you made a slip of the tongue and were thinking about some other org.
You should realize that when a cult goes low enough, stealing copyright, its own members property, abusing women on a grand scale, and encouraging others to print falsehoods about Yogananda, there have been a others who have taken up many lawsuits against Ananda. And there are other cases where kind persons who should have sued them just let it go because the had neither the time nor the resources to fight for what was right. And others who, after being abused did not have the emotional resources left to fight for years in the courts. But karma finds a way.

When it comes to protecting masters work or good name, it is wonderful that at least one organization cares enough to do something about it.

It is worth every dollar spent. These court decisions will help Yogananda's work for centuries to come. The financial cost is the only one price of maintaining some truth in the face of the many who would harm his work. The least of these not being DJW.

The master himself tells us "that for those who think they can just do whatever they wish to others, we have the courts to give them a good knock in the head."

With respect Astra7

Registered User
(1/9/03 11:11 pm)
Re: SRF andLawsuits
Are you Anandamoy? Or one of the other illuminati?

Registered User
(1/9/03 11:22 pm)
Re: SRF andLawsuits
...and it sure is amazing how you SRF insiders have quote for every circumstance.

Every single thing you do, you have a "quote " from Master to back it up.

Master appealed to reason. Not blind obeyance of disconnected quotes from 3rd parties.

Registered User
(1/10/03 2:30 am)
Re: SRF andLawsuits
No, he is not Anandamoy.

His real name is Fred Parente, from Canada.

He always posts at the Yogananda SRF Devotees Message Board as "astral" or "astralway".

You can find there the same "essays" he are posting here.

Do not expect he will deal directly to your questions or comments.

Sometimes he posts some lyrics.

His "mission" in this life is to attack JDW, @nanda, CSA, Solar Logos, the late Hariharananda etc.

Ah, he is best known everywhere as the famous and infamous "noj--".

Registered User
(1/10/03 9:56 am)
Re: SRF andLawsuits
Self-Realization Fellowship does not pursue lawsuits to discredit anyone.

Fred, the sole purpose of your missives here, and SRF's lawsuits, were to discredit Ananda and Kriyananda. The fact that they, and you, have failed in that campaign must cause you no end of frustration. I would suggest getting over it, and just getting along.

Your own board of directors are also suggesting that you, and other members of SRF, get over it. In their recent public statement of reconciliation toward Ananda, the BOD suggests to SRF members:

This period of litigation has been difficult for all parties involved. We are grateful it has concluded and that we are now able to look forward to what we hope will be a future of harmony, understanding, and goodwill.


It is worth every dollar spent. These court decisions will help Yogananda's work for centuries to come.

Yes they will. Ananda earned the right to publicly say that they are disciples of Parmhansa Yogananda. They earned the right to use the image and likeness of their Guru. They earned the right to use the name of the teaching of their Guru, 'Self-Realization'. They earned the right to publish 90% of their Guru's writings. And much, much, more....

Even the small portion of the writings that Ananda shared, and that still belong to SRF, were determined by the jury to be 'fair use', meaning that Ananda had the right to publish them the way they did. Contrary to your comments, Ananda did not infringe on those written copyrights, even though the jury found that SRF owned those particular copyrights. Fair use is fair use. It's not copyright infringement.

If anyone got a good 'knock on the head' in the courts, it was SRF. They spent many, many millions of dollars, and got less than $30,000 from Ananda in return. Just look at what Ananda won (see above). For Ananda, that was the best $30,000 they've ever spent. For SRF? I think they regret it.

Time to bury the hatchet, Fred, and follow the gentle advice of your BOD: 'harmony, understanding, and goodwill' towards Ananda.

Edited by: jaijaijai at: 1/10/03 10:03:52 am
Registered User
(12/12/03 3:27 am)
Re: SRF andLawsuits
Well, I have to say that I can't agree with astral7, who writes that "DJW" (Don Walters, I presume?) is out to harm Yogananda's work. I've learned a tremendous amount from Walters' books and tapes. If he did anything bad (which I don't know about), he has certainly done a LOT of good also. He ought to be given credit for that. On the other hand, Walters really ought to supervise his staff more carefully. He allows these guys to respond to legitimate, serious questions about Ananda policies by (1) engaging in public personal attacks of the questioner, (2) refusing to give any real attention to the questions, (3) telling the world that it's nobody else's business what Ananda does, and (4) cutting off the questioner from direct contact with Ananda staff. It's rather a fascist approach, and I do understasnd why Ananda has been sued so often, sometimes successfully. Also, I wish Walters would pay more attention to his own personal mail. Some very important inquiries have come through which he's ignored. Is he is now on permanent vacation and deaf to the various requests made of him?

Edited by: prssmd at: 12/12/03 3:32 am
Registered User
(12/12/03 4:29 pm)
Re: SRF andLawsuits
Kriyananda is currently in India, where he will be until early next year. This is from the Ananda website, which you can visit to obtain the same information (and more) about his whereabouts and his activities.

I've heard from a friend that he responded to their email. Perhaps he's too busy to respond to you now? Check the website to follow-up as it also has the link to the new Ananda in India where he is and will be staying while there. Maybe trying that can get you hooked-up.

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