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Open forum for the discussion of SRF (Mt.Washington - Los Angeles), it's practices, goals, and relationship to members and monastics/employees. Our aim is to help each other, provide an alternative source for information about SRF, and allow us all to share our opinions.
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King

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  posticon Sticky Topic Leading a balanced life ( Click on a number to go directly to that page 1 2 ) 30 12/24/01 4:20 pm
by: pipsqueak
  posticon Sticky Topic The Million Dollar Question ( Click on a number to go directly to that page 1 2 ) 21 3/31/04 1:02 pm
by: redpurusha
Raja Begum
  posticon what happens to ex monastic's why don't they open reatreats ( Click on a number to go directly to that page 1 2 ) 36 9/12/05 9:39 am
by: Sydfrukter
  posticon FUN!!! Can a householder become a Swami on the Kriya path? 6 8/28/05 9:58 am
by: Used Yogi
  posticon householders in co-operation with monastics 2 3/21/04 3:55 pm
by: apsarasRLD
    The Serfs Who Live Beneath the Gluttons in the SRF Mansion 4 3/6/04 8:16 pm
by: KS
Punk Yogi
  posticon Householder - monastic 9 1/29/03 7:31 am
by: RolandP
Rei Beyrut
    I will honor my husband, til death do us part 9 1/29/03 7:11 am
by: RolandP
Pig Ma
    Value of “direct disciple” in SRF pecking order 10 1/12/03 7:34 pm
by: member108
  posticon Dear Walrus -- Householder vs. Monastic section needed 3 12/10/01 2:33 pm
by: Raja Begum
Raja Begum
    Out of the Swamps of the Kali Yuga 7 1/10/02 1:41 pm
by: sevaki
Raja Begum
  posticon Boot Camp or Love Central? 4 12/6/01 2:44 am
by: Raja Begum
Raja Begum
    What Master REALLY Said About It 7 11/28/01 8:24 am
by: KS

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