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(1/4/04 7:48 am)
Kriya and the Physical
I wanted to extract these quotes from Dawnrays out of the "Kriya, Just The Facts" thread. They are edited a bit to keep the focus on this topic.

These comments below help explain about Kriya has helped her physically:

"Kriya cleanses the body of substances. I can verify that personally. I was addicted to both cocaine, alcohol and tobacco. Now that is not to say that I have not had many, many problems with kriya (I have). This has only shown me that it is a powerful technique. You cannot have extreme results one way or the other unless there is power to the technique."

"I have done kriya for about 17 years. I usually get very blissed out from just a few kriyas. It oxygenates the blood, not the opposite. I don't see the lights or have any visual experience (though my husband usually does). But a couple of years ago I started going into the physical, mental and emotional blissful state after the first few."

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(1/4/04 10:48 am)
Re: Kriya and the Physical
I would like to say one more thing and I am glad you brought this up.

Kriya yoga is a powerful mental, spiritual but also physical technique. It is a powerful technique that CAN cleanse the body of powerful addictions and speed up karma, because it does work with the body (oxygenating the blood). Addictions are very powerful. They sometimes rule peoples lives, going from one addiction to the next. Karma is also very powerful and right now, we are working it out in our physical bodies.

Somebody recently referred to this technique as "crude". I guess it is if you think of your own body as crude. We live in these bodies. We also burn karma faster on this plane than on the astral. Our physical bodies are crude manifestations of our astral bodies.

Mantras and mind games are useless if you are burdened with addictions and very heavy karma. There comes a time when it just is not sufficient to sit in a corner, chanting a mantra or imagining that you are space. They alter your consciousness, yes, so does a good movie as far as I'm concerned.

I do my kriya for purely practical reasons. If I want a break from reality, I go see a movie (I'm not knocking the movies!)

We live in our bodies and our minds. Kundalini energy is real. Kriya does not create it, only channels it.

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(1/4/04 12:23 pm)
Re: Fantastic
Hi Again Needthestar:)

I came across an email I had sent to Kashi on the Kriya Board about 2 years ago,this is was it said.

Very often after my Kriya practice Iam sitting watching the breath flow in and out and I start to fell a magnetic pressure onmy crownand also aware of a force on my chest then after ive breathed out im aware that the breath is not coming back in,then all of a sudden a great electric charge seems to pull me upwards while another electirc chearge is coming downwards.i try to go with it and it starts to fell nice but I get scared and pull myself out of it,when this happens the static sound I can hear like crickets gets really loud.
I'd forgotten about that letter now its made me want to try that again and go further next time, lol.

Regarding the awareness practice,do you or do you not feel your own conciousness??are you aware of it??jsut be still and its there underlying everything that you see hear or do.Its always in the present moment only that you are aware of it??

My email address is raf_snake@hotmail.com if you ever need to contact me.
Here is another link to a more contempory teacher of Being


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(1/4/04 1:31 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
:( (I edited this the next day)

I haven't been on this board for a long, long time and away from SRF for about four years. From a member of 30 years (yes, a California temple), and a X-30 year Kriyaban, I will attempt to answer your questions from my own POV and in no way indicates it is the same for anyone else.
Is his extreme view rooted in bitterness?

I don't know about this person you address, but I understand their bitterness. More of a disillusionment. Though I don't blame anyone for that feeling.
If so, what has caused this bitterness?

Belief in what appears to have been a fairytale...something I really wanted to believe, but since leaving have had no proof it ever did exist. (Edit) Rather like a petulant child. Waiting. Waiting. :\

Not only did SRF seem to cut me off (haven't heard from anyone since leaving and I was a core group member for 30 years), but I have not heard from Yogananda...not in dreams, nor inspirations nor any contact what so ever. I was told he would never lose sight of me.

I never obtained enlightenment. I did experience peace (edit) and a lightness, an out of body and warmth in the spine. But I have since decided it was a form of hypnosis.
What's the rest of the story here?

I could write a book, and mostly likely so could this other person. Maybe this person can't summarize their feelings. Not everyone can. It's rather painful, like trying to tell total strangers about an affair that went bad.
Kriya is a farce and does not work.

Work, how so? Did I get blessings that I wanted? No. (edit) Not that I was aware of. Did I see the face of God? No. (edit) But I felt Him/Her. Did I benefit monetarily? No. Did my relationships run smoother. No.
I found Kriya to be a burden. Something you 'had to do,' or else suffer Karma. (edit) I never felt that truthfully. I wasn't into the Karma worry thing. It was a flip thing to say in retrospect.

(edit) But doing them was never enough--you always had to do more. I suppose the question is this: what is it suppose to do? I'll try to recall, but wasn't it something on the lines of burning karma for your next incarnation? What about this life? The practice of Kriya seems too concerned with a life not yet living.
What did you do before Kriya? Any other meditation techniques?

I was 17 when I got into SRF, I'm 50 now. I left when I was around 48. Before Kriya, at 17, not a lot. I went to some Christian churches, the usual seeking story. Now, just living my life. No "spiritual routine." I don't meditate anymore. I walk. Walking seems more beneficial in many ways.
Where did you receive Kriya?

SRF. I received Kriya from Daya Mata.
How many years did you invest in Kriya?

Do you feel you truly concentrated while doing this technique?

Absolutely. This question is very subjective, but I feel confident in saying, yes, I concentrated.
Did you follow the technique correctly?

According to SRF lessons and personal instructions by various SRF monks: yes.
How many Kriyas did you do?

I couldn't count. Zillions. (edit) Usually around 24 at each sitting.
What did you experience while doing Kriya?

Peace (edit) lighteness, warmth in the spine, but I felt more peace in plan old meditation and prayer. I hated doing them (Kriya), and I felt guilty about hating to do them.
How did your life differ after Kriya?

I didn't have to worry about doing anything. A big relief.
That last line isn't all together truthful. It was a relief thing. I just stop thinking about having to do them... It was gradual. I didn't just leave SRF. I left slowly. Pulled away a little at a time until I was gone.
Why did you quit?

I left SRF and Kriya Yoga after a series of events. It wasn't one thing. When I left SRF, I left Kriya.
Did you learn absolutely nothing?

We always learn something...even when we go to the market. I learned that a technique isn't as important as the life we are living now. That it's not the end all.
Do you feel cheated?

Can you prove Kriya does NOT burn Karma NOR allow someone to be enlightened in one lifetime?

No. But I can't prove a lot of things. Again, what is enlightenment when we have a life now? Many people in SRF are more worried about something they can't control (another life) than what they can control (now). IMO.
It does seem the burden of proof lies in your laps because you are labeling PYogi, Dawnrays and Etz as fakes and phonies.

I don't think PY was a fake (not sure who those other people are), but where I'm at now, I don't know what he was--but he can come tell me anytime. ;-)

Tell us your experiences.

Do you have about 30 years to listen?

I was a core member and knew people from many temples, I never knew one person (me included) enlightened or benefiting the NOW. They all had major life issues. Scandalous things same as all churches. I didn't see Kriya helping anyone. But again, maybe it was helping...you, know, that "other life."

(Edit) I don't miss Kriya, but I miss some things I had in SRF.

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(1/4/04 1:42 pm)
Good Additons
I agree Dawnrays.

As fascinated as I am about the spiritual experiences these Kriyabans are having, I also feel there are other issues that need addressed too, such as the physical effects of practicing Kriya.

What about the emotional effects of Kriya. Anyone having their emotions altered by Kriya?

UG touched on the Heart Chakra. Has Kriya practice deepened anyone's love for mankind, God or Guru?

Kriya has gotten the rub for being cold and calculated on this board...any thoughts on how Kriya practice has changed your compassion for others?

Snake - thanks for that great quote and the link. I'll keep your email handy....I'd like to speak to you further about awareness. Feel free to jump in and share more Kriya experiences if they cross your mind.

Your thoughts run pretty close to what Norman Paulson (a YP direct disciple) described. I would imagine that could be pretty alarming at first....to surrender to such an event.

It seems that pressure on the crown of the head is a pretty common theme here. What causes this pressure?

I've heard the pressure compared to having oil poured on the head, the pressure of a hand. There are those that claim that the statues of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt which show falcons lighting on their heads are telling of the same exerience.

Is this pressure alarming to anyone? Has it ever hurt?

Could it be a physical effect like, say, a headache?

I would also like to hear the personal stories of those that feel Kriya wasted their time. That their experiences were not good All are welcome.

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(1/4/04 1:45 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
hi Brother

wow you spent a lot of time doing kriya,I feel I want to Hug you.:)

Re Life problems .I dont see meditation as something to get rid of problems.I see it from 3 angles I guess.
1 the core reason I was looking to see why anyone I loved I had to see them die ,nothing in the whole world was important only that issue of why whom we loved we had to say goodbye to.
2 Who am I where do I come from what am I?Where am I going?

3 To get high and have Blissfull feelings without taking drugs.

Did you ever try other meditation practices Bro?

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(1/4/04 1:50 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
SIIS - Thanks very, very much for sharing your experience. How very well said - with - as I read it - a large dose of humility.

Seriously. This information is as valuable as the rest(if not more). I'm hoping it will encourage others to come forward with their stories and not be ashamed if Kriya did not work out for them.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stepping up to the plate and also for still keeping within the bounds of the topic at hand.

I do ask that others whom might disagree with SayIIS' points to please not pick apart Say's post. Let it stand for itself. This is Say's experience and I don't think it would be fair for anyone to debate whether or not it's valid...because it very much is.

That was just a great post.


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(1/4/04 2:09 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
Needthestar here a 2 links to The Knowledge I was refering to earlier


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(1/4/04 2:16 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
Snake - these look very promising - if anymore cross you mind please email them to me, would you? You can reach me at hautchiebill@yahoo.com. I'll contact you personally about Awareness...I'd like to talk more about that.

Thanks for the great posts.

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Slow Down
(1/4/04 7:17 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
YellowBeard is posting on this thread because of Needthestar's request. He'll focus on his experiences with Kriya as best as possible, but needs to add comments as well that he has learned from his experiences with other techniques in relation to Kriya.

As YellowBeard has mentioned earlier, he has only meditated with Kriya in a focused and regimental way as described in the SRF Lessons for approximately 4 years (but a bit longer in a more loosely practiced non-regimental way). YellowBeard exclusively practiced it in the SRF manner and never mixed it with any other versions or techniques. He followed the technique very carefully, the only part of the practice that he would forgo at times was the pouring of olive oil down the throat (which is simply used to help the throat from drying out too much with the mouth breathing pranayama portion of the technique). YellowBeard even followed through with the "extra" details of Kriya such as "insulating" himself from earth currents with the use of a blanket and facing east as described in the Lessons. He also practiced the devotional portions of the practice such as the prayers that the Lessons suggest to use before and after one's meditations.

YellowBeard never experienced any spiritual realizations through this practice but did experience what he would call "getting high" type effects. At times there were feelings of mental expansion, but it wasn't true mental expansion, it was just a spaced out type feeling of experiencing a sensation of expanding black space. Other than that, Kriya was just like working on an assembly line, it was just repetitive work with no end in sight and no real benefits.

It's important to note that YellowBeard wasn't a skeptic about Kriya when he started. He believed in what Yogananda preached on the topic. It was only after Kriya not only failed to work for him, but actually began to "dull" his mind as he has described on this board at times. The realizations that YellowBeard had through Zen practice began to fade with Kriya practice and acceptance of Yogananda's teachings. Experiences of Self-realization (the perception that all beings are actually the same Person) faded into Yogananda-realization (the perception of a spiritual hierarchy simply interested in its own glorification in the name of God). Yellowbeard has now gone back to his old spiritual practices which actually worked for him, and he's found that they are working for him again. He wishes that he had never left, but it was his spiritual greed of guru-fantastic tales that tempted him into the dark world of guru worship.

YellowBeard feels that if one were to visualize a mouse sitting on one's shoulder nibbling on cheese with focused meditative awareness, that would provide the same effects as Kriya. The things we visualize in Kriya are just that -- things we are imagining. In Buddhist Tantric practices (non-sexual), one is taught to visualize all sorts of funny things just like with Kriya, but even more so. The effects are the same. But of course what you are taught to believe will effect what type of experiences you may have. People talk about seeing particular saints, chakra lights, etc. This is simply stuff that our minds generate. The shamans of native cultures see "plant spirits" and the religious images of their cultures.

In other words, if you do any repetitive, focused mental exercise long enough, you will begin to hallucinate. Also, one is messing with their brain chemistry and this is why people hear noises and see lights. Combine that with your hallucinations and you get an "artificial" religious experience of no real value. Many people get "blissed-out" at times through these practices. But we can do that with heroin too. Both these approaches have no real spiritual value even though they may feel good.

Like SayItIsntSo said about walking being more productive than Kriya, YellowBeard strongly agrees. Taking long walks by oneself (yes, make sure that you're alone, you clingy co-dependents :) ) is very helpful in sorting out one's life and finding a natural peace. When looking for a meditation practice, simple straight-forward "natural" one's seem to be the most effective for actually glimpsing the Self, if that is your goal. If getting high is your goal, YellowBeard recommends a book entitled "Opium for the Masses" which is more effective and probably safer for your sanity than Kriya Yoga.

But in all seriousness, the meditation practices of Awareness that SsSsSnake has brought up are very safe and effective. This practice belongs to no particular teacher or tradition. It's like breathing air, it's universal and natural for all. There's various approaches on it, but it all boils down to the same thing -- you focus your attention on the attention itself. There's a variation on this practice called Choiceless Awareness in which Yellowbeard has had much success with. This technique was largely taught by the late J. Krishnamurti. Instead of focusing the attention on the attention itself, one focuses their attention on everything that comes in through the senses equally in a "choiceless" fashion, meaning that you don't decide what to focus your attention on, you just give your full attention to everything that comes your way.

Sorry about adding these extra comments along with Yellowbeard's Kriya experiences. They just come together, it's part of his experiences. By contrasting other techniques and experiences of his, he's able to provide a clearer picture of his particular Kriya experiences.

YellowBeard complained about you starting an extra thread here on the subject, but it does seem to have worked. Your energy on this subject brought together a focused discussion here. YellowBeard will now step aside and let people discuss their Kriya experiences without him "judging" them. He'll do that in other threads. :b

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(1/4/04 8:49 pm)
Re: Fantastic
First let me say how much it means to have others sharing their experiences here (SRF never encouraged this). It really takes the pressure off and puts things in a healthy perspective.

Also let me move something I have experienced through kriya to this thread: "I would say that kriya enables us to break bread with the pure consciousness that resides in the spine, brain and nervous system....The thing about kriya is that, as advertised, it draws the energy away from outer involvement temporarily by a direct and understandable method..... The consciousness is manifesting all about us in various forms or disguises. Kriya (interiorization) allows us to experience pure consciousness. I think of it as a still-point wherein we see the gemstone (of God) unobstructed by the reflections that appear to us as the world."

Needthestar asked of me the following:

Is (your) Kriya the SRF style? A. Absolutely, I have modified it for personal comfort and my descriptions here are not SRF orthodoxy, but my starting point for kriya is 100% SRF.

Have you ever practiced other Kriya methods? A. No.

Has Kriya ever frightened you? A. No, the reason I went with SRF was that it did not seem frightening. I wanted no big surprises. I wanted smooth and easy. So I have never experienced anything alarming, no stopped heart no breath being sucked out of my lungs. No breathlessness, whatever to hell that is. I don't huff and puff when I meditate (after kriya), hardly breath at all, but I do breath. Nirbikalpa samadhi allows breath and activity. So does the sahaja samadhi spoken of by Ramana, so it doesn't bother me particularly.

How does Devotion work with your Kriya practice, or does it?
A. In the first years I was very altar pictures oriented. Yogananda was my total focus. Also the "Heavenly Father Divine Mother............." prayer beginning. I also was devoted to a whole list of teachers who had influenced me. Of late I have felt that I could dispense with all that and focus instead on the source of all those teachers, the creative force behind everything.

When you started Kriya, what differences did you notice in yourself? A. Hard to say. Don't know. I "got religion" and you know how some people change when that happens, how much of the change was kriya influenced, I don't know.

So you are saying Kriya takes time...that time and effort/concentration is needed for it's success, right? A. To continue on previous answer, kriya proper has been a very small part of my personal development. To become a well-rounded human being requires a huge amount of work and influences. Kriya is not a magic bullet. I even asked Bro. Anandamoy back in 1973 at the Phoenix Temple about taking someone off the street and suspending them in an asana and having them do kriya, would they attain cosmic consciousness just by the act of kriya? I can't recall his answer, but I never had the patience to just let things happen, so I pretty much dedicated my life to spiritual inquiry, even attended a seminary for a time, read about everything I could find on all forms of mysticism, and just kept my eyes opened to see things in a spiritual perspective. This is what that odd creature called a seeker does. It is a category of being like any other. We specialize in angling for spirit, rather than bass fishing. That's just the way it is.

So these are definite results you are experiencing, and not coincidences as others might suggest? (i.e. the wood stove)
A. LOL that wood stove thing is just a goofy observation, kind of a siddhi cheap-shot on my part. Mea culpa.

The bottom line for me is this: I believe in eternal life because that is what I want to believe in. I avoid violence and disharmony and ugliness as best I can, and I seek comfort, beauty, novelty, kindness, meaningful work, and so forth as best I can. My expectation is that when I die I will continue to have the same attitudes in the next life. The foundation of my hopes and belief is imagining, if you will, that there is nowhere from which God is absent, including every cell of my body, my every thought and feeling, and in all my surroundings. I live in that fantasy as best I can every waking moment. Because I believe in boundless eternal existence, I feel it as real. It is a wonderful fantasy, and it results in a relatively happy and never boring life, because I project my fantasy into my everyday acts. It was the kriya package from AOY, SRF, and the lessons that first introduced me to spiritual life. Kind of a hand in glove thing I was suited for. Don't you think any path is worthwhile when it conditions your mind to turn away from negativity and to direct you to eternal positivity?

So why am I on walrus if SRF was instrumental as a framework for a spiritual quest? Walrus is a tool, SRF is a tool. Kriya is a tool. Just tools."The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath" (Mark 2:27)

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(1/4/04 9:06 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
I have a question for the kriya panel. Do/did any of you feel that you had blocks in your spine or chakras during the time you did kriya? And if so, how did this affect the process of actually moving energy full up and down the spine?

I ask because of my two spontaneous experiences with what I think was kundalini, I did feel a very powerful burst of energy move a certain distance up my spine. But it sure didn't run on through to the top!

I'd think that anyone who isn't realized would have energy blocks, so how is it possible for a person from the beginning of practicing kriya to actually move energy fully up and down the spine? One concern I know I'll have in trying it is fear of the blocks causing damage if I somehow manage to release too much force against them.

Does anyone have experiences bearing on this? thanks!

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(1/4/04 9:38 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
I guess I'm on a roll tonight, really should ease up, but SerenityNow7 brings up a good question. I once journeyed out to Encinitas from the east coast, and while on retreat I asked to get my kriya checked. I asked the minister what chakras I should be working on, in what order. He never gave me a satisfactory answer, and I didn't travel all that way to ask a stupid question, because it's not a stupid question.

I believe that from day one in meditation you are working on all your chakras at once, whether you feel it or not. Certainly your aspiration to find the highest realization is ignited, so your crown chakra is working. Its not like building something from the bottom up, rather it is like polishing something that has already been built.

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(1/4/04 11:35 pm)
Re: Results From Kriya
First of all Id like to say thanks to everyone on this board,it is fantastic to be able to chat with people on these subjects.

Probably America is a bit more open to this type of stuff but here in the UK its still quite rare to find someone to open up your heart to about this type of stuff without them thinking your crazy.

With the help of the people posting on here amongst other things my heart is being pulled in the direction of dropping all my previous practices and practicing the prescence of Now with as much awareness as possible,it seems to cut through all the crap and not crap to the Heart of Practice.

YellowBeard I love a lot of your stlye of writing and I had to chuckle where you were describing not using the olive oil,lol I too did away with that yukkie:)

I've not really discussed anything much other than mediational practices but just so you get the impression that all im interested in is self centered meditation I'd just like to add that I am a hairdresser with a loving family and I love gardening playing guitar and piano and the odd computer game:)

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(1/5/04 6:55 am)
Re: Results From Kriya
Trying to pull another fast one YB?

Dawnray's mind would have to be EXTREMELY dull not to have noticed that paragraphs 5, 6, and 7 were pretty judgemental.

I thought we were talking about our own personal experiences here, not trying to degrade and pick apart other peoples.

You sound kind of like a Baptist minister warning about the evils and dangers of meditation. Hallucinations? co-dependency? Maybe I should have just stuck with my herion habit, it also being of no spiritual value...

I'm sorry, but your noble and parting promise of "stepping aside and not judging," was just too much..

Also, Sayitisn'tso. I can really relate to your experiences, believe it or not. When I was in the srf cult mind set, I really didnt' make good progress, compared to after I left. Sometimes, to get yourself back on track after a spiritual "overdose" it's good to drop everything for a while (I have been there) and just walk around, commune with nature, socialize, etc....

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(1/5/04 7:25 am)
Re: Results From Kriya
Also, I think you may be mistaking "dullness of the mind" for good manners. Believe or not (and I don't know if they teach this in your "self awareness" course) it is not always the best idea to say EXACTLY what you think.

I think this is worthy of note also, since you seem to be such a stickler of "board ettiquette" lately.

Try to take some cues from uqize and needthestar, both yogi's but also gentlemen with impeccable manners and kindness. Redpurusha and Ranger20 also display these wonderful and yogic qualities...

There's always something to learn... Sorry to get a little off-topic here needthestar, now back to kriya...

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(1/5/04 7:56 am)
More Great Stuff
DR - I think YB has shown quite a bit of humility posting on a thread he didn't find needed - even if the post is in his style. ;)

I fully welcome YB's comments - and enjoyed the additional commentary, as I felt it was still within the bounds of the topic.

I'm so glad that he decided to give his information because now I can see his take on Kriya from his perspective - and that it's not just made up from readings and hearsay.

You're right, water under the bridge, time to move on. - let's focus back on Kriya.

*I have a question for both YB and SIIS.

You both seem to have been agitated by the technique itself....like it was far too rigid?

Do you feel that rigidity might have hampered your efforts?

In other words you followed the directions to the "t", but lost the "spirit" of the practice in the end? (this is not a criticism but an observation)

I agree - if YB found that it dulled his mind, then by all means; it did. I can't really say as I've never practiced Kriya. But if YB finds his mind dulled and DR's sharpened, then so be it.

*UG - I found you thoughts very interesting - thanks for jumping back in and directly answering my questions.

Along the lines of the alter and pictures. My thinking is this - that Kriya has been the crown jewel of both SRF and Yogananda. Yogananda in AOY once gave Kriya to someone that helped him in the "Two Penniless Boys" chapter - that Kriya would be his Guru not PY himself. So is it not natural that Kriya is the very meat of ALL of this - SRF, Yogananda etc? and would it not be natural that Kriya comes first?

BUT Kriya, however, in itself (as you said best) NOT the magic bullet. Do other elements help prop Kriya up or vise versa?

Kriya is merely a spoke in the wheel with love, self awareness, devotion to the Devine etc. and togther they propell us much further?

As Soul Circle (and thoughts by Snake too) has long preached - without the love Kriya is worthless. But in tandem are the BETTER?

I'd like to know if Kriya has helped anyone's love for humanity, God or Guru? (DR's touched on this a bit) Or is it a matter of which came first?: the chicken or the egg?

*Snake - Not sure if the U.S. is more open or not...living in the MidWest does NOT give me a good perspective!:lol

Thanks everyone, great posts.

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(1/5/04 8:13 am)
Kriya and devotion... or "blissed out"....
I think that manners, kindness and tact are a great big part of "love and devotion"... It's "love thy neighbor as thy self."

I was going to get back to this right away but I had to drive my daughter to school..

I was ALWAYS very devotional and highly sensitive. This is what drew me to drugs, alchohol and other kinds of neurotic obsessive/compulsive behaviors. Highly sensitive, loving and non-materialistic people are at odds, particularly in this society where the emphasis is on status, accumulation of wealth and junk, etc. It is just not a particularly loving society, in my opinion.

The "blissed out" experience in my opinion, should not be degraded or dismissed so easily. Many of the most highly spiritual, sweet and sensitive people I have ever known have been substance abusers or exsubstance abusers. There are actually quite a few in srf. I always disobeyed the "let's not get to know each other too well because it's not spiritual rule" and actually talked to people about this (as in relating) when I was in srf. People ruin thier health, finances and family relationships to duplicate this experience with drugs, alchohol and even false and temporary "highs" from shopping. This is not even touching on obsessive behaviors regarding food and promiscous sex.

I really admire Ananda fellowships as they send kriyaban teachers to Al-anon. I think this is a great idea... There is actually a Kriyaban teacher at the Al-anon in my town.

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(1/5/04 8:40 am)
Re: Kriya and devotion... or "blissed out"....

You sound ljust like the person I would have loved to have had as a partner on the spirtual path.
A bit querky ,loving open to experiment and with spirit:)

I guess its too late?:(

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(1/5/04 8:45 am)
Re: Kriya and devotion... or "blissed out"....
Dawnrays - do you find that Kriya altered your senses?

Were they dulled? Were they sharpened?

In other words has Kriya helped unhealthy appetites? Be it sex, drugs, food etc?

I don't want this to turn into a "sex" topic and shoot off into whether or not how much or how little is healthy, but am wondering if Kriya curbs OR enhances such desires?

Does a chocolate cake taste better? Or such things loose their allure....etc?

This made sound silly, but am wondering how Kriya effects one's sense of taste, hearing, touch etc. Anything noticeable?

Do you see or hear better?

I'm just wondering if there is a correlation between concentration used in Kriya an increase or decrease in the body's senses. Or maybe a Kriyabans senses are effected by Kundalini?

I'd like to hear from others on this as well.

thanks, NTS

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