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(12/21/05 2:54 am)
Re: Results From Kriya
One thing all the yogic breathing and kriya yoga meditation actually FEED DARK FORCES(DF)...more energy.

The astral attachment or DF is vampiring off of you and the more you meditate with that yogic stuff the more they feed on it. One of the results to this type of relationship is that the energy vampire pulls energy from sources around you...like LIGHTS.

This type of possession is real common among NEW AGERs who channel, do yogic or some time of "altering their energy field breathing" and opening themselves up willingly by activating their chakras.

THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. It's not recommended to people that they meditate without proper guidance and instruction and don't recommend yogic breathing as that is one thing the astral entities LOVE...

I steer people away from SRF, and kriya yoga, and TM meditation and any kind of meditation that is done without "setting up the proper protection."

Kriyas are an "ASTRAL ENERGY" event. They like other breathing and nervous sytem practices... alter the nervous system and open up the chakras so that the human reality is now anchored more with the astral reality.


Many people get possessed through meditation.

A practice that should NOT HAVE BEEN given to the masses. You can't give kriya to beginning Disciple level. Trouble is....the people at SRF have no idea WHO people are, they have no REAL discernment except what you write them, or in brief interviews or even the monks that live at the ashram...they're all still stuck in Disciple level. Tens of thousands of newagers are going around meditating when they have no idea what they are doing, they do the SRF exercises...without any discernment or protection....its a mess.

The dark forces use ALL THESE techniques....they readily use Kriya, they use meditation, they use ANYTHING that affects your nervous system. All these techniques do are open you up to the astral worlds and astral energy.

Something INDIA was big on doing ....but has caused a lot of trouble for the INDIAN people and now people in the west.

Astral powers are NOT to be messed around with. You don't have to do yogic breathing to gain your freedom. All that does is tap you into the astral worlds and energy, it doesn't set you free. What happens once you start tapping into astral energies (meditation, yoga, breathing) depends on "who and what is waiting for you on the other side of the veil of energy." To achieve freedom you need to isolate yourself from astral influences by ascending beyond it - NOT WELCOME THEM IN.

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