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(8/15/05 2:19 pm)
a tidbit of info on kriya
        Back around 1979 or so, Bro. Bhaktananda gave a class series in Boston, which I attended. During the kriya review, he insisted that everyone open their mouth very wide during the incoming breath. It felt funny to most of us, but when someone asked whether this was correct, Brother said that it was, because he had personally seen Master do kriya, and this is how Master did it.
        A few years later, I got to see Durgamata in her penthouse apartment at Mother Center. She was widely regarded as the nun who knew the most about kriya, so I made a point of asking her to check my kriyas. She suggested that I try my kriyas a different way, keeping my mouth almost completely closed, and breathing more equally from mouth and nose. I asked her why she would make such a suggestion, given that this is not the way the technique is given in the lessons. She answered that she and Rajarsi had been very close friends, and this is how Rajarsi did kriya.
        So, the first thing to note is that the two foremost practicioners of kriya in SRF, Yogananda and Rajarsi Janakananda, did NOT follow the standard method of doing kriya. OK, it's true that this modification is very minor, but for those who like to get things right, this information should come as a surprise. After presenting this data to SRF ministers, I heard several of them say the same thing, and my own informal survey supports their idea: for greater than 80% of devotees (myself included), our jaw structure is designed in such a way that the standard method in the lessons is sufficent, and in fact, is the best way to do kriya. For a minority of people, however, the variations used by either Master or Rajarsi might be more comfortable, and therefore result in a deeper practice of kriya.
        I suspect that any improvement in kriya would be minor, because SRF has never made this information public, nor is it written in the lessons. However, there may be some poeple who would be benefitted by checking this out, so I thought I'd share my observations with you all.

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(8/15/05 8:21 pm)
Re: a tidbit of info on kriya
thanks for the info...
I have recently made a subtle change in keeping my mouth open wide with the lips closed... it has to do with how you place the tongue....I found it helpful...

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