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(4/4/04 2:58 am)
Re: AY Promotes Irrational Thinking
As SRFwalrus is no longer a public board and therefore useless I am deleting this message.

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(4/10/04 2:40 pm)
Re: AY Promotes Irrational Thinking
In one sense I think you are right, people in SRF tend to depend on the org. for there enlightenment..... "Flaky disciples"......for me it wasn't till I realized that it really came down to just me and master and I had to stand on my own two feet ..... make the spiritual path mine and not just a bunch of nice quote's to meditate on...Think how different your life would be if the org wasn't there........you can't get enlightenment from a organization. there is a real power in claiming your own Karma , so to speak...that IS the path and not some membership in a org. That, in fact is what I think master wanted from his devote's...It isn't the quotes they use , It is the way that they are presented to the public.... "You people just come and meditate at the centers and we, will take care of everything .After all ....we are the REAL devotee's and this is master's org .You get your Kriya and meditate here a few times a week and everything will be fine...."There are very few people in SRF that have had to do what you did and claim this path as your own.....It's almost like people in SRF meditate on a dream and really aren't expected to go beyond that...... To take responsibility for there enlightenment ?? no way.... they do there Kriya and they depend on master...... and the good ness of SRF. completly !!! SRF can do no wrong..... Don't you think thats true ?............because if you do.... if you really claim responsibility for this path with all your desires and faults etc. then you don't need a org..... it needs you........ But then you butt heads with the organization as they are the only true path. See what I mean??? Is there really room in SRF for householders to really find God. to really take responsibility of there life, outside the organization.??. I think that is what master wants ...Get your inspiration from the org {if you can}.master's books.....the lessons but beyond that it's just your path to God,in the cold hard light of day.

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(4/10/04 6:07 pm)
Re: AY Promotes Irrational Thinking
Nice discussion! :)

Aps, though most americans can live somewhat plainer and think somewhat higher and still be fabulously wealthy by world or historical standards that I, at least, need to remember that concept before buying yet another gizmo at walmart pretty often (ha!), you are correct that neglect of our householder responsibilities is flakey. For me that comes down to finding a common sense balance.

When I was single beans and rice and a garden and a bicycle was just fine. These many years that I have had others to consider a much more middle class life has seemed appropriate. Somehow I doubt that many on this board fall into despair if their shiny new car is not ultra cool. :rollin

So I doubt you are lost in materialism, or need to think that line too hard.

Moy I agree that following our own personal path is where the action is. Any church can only offer 'one size fits all' general guidance, by its very nature. Great as some quotes are from many faiths-- 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' comes to mind -- still the Guru within shows the more challenging and rewarding (and unique and beautiful) personal Way.

as an aside -- I do not see how you got the idea that 9 out of 10 here do not consider Yogananda their guru. This board overall seems to me to display a great love for PY.

(4/11/04 4:15 am)
Re: AY Promotes Irrational Thinking
It is a nice discussion. In fact this board seems to be in the hands of many nice discussions.

WindChimes said: "Somehow I doubt that many on this board fall into despair if their shiny new car is not ultra cool".

I believe that to be true. I don't have a shiny new car but and old beatup VW bug that fell into unrepair the other day. 12 hours later and after I helped bleed the back brakes, I am on the road again and will go to Deerpark Monastery today and see if I like it there.

I do think that we need to take care of our material needs, and I have read somewhere in time that materialism is not how much you have but how you view it. Maybe I read it on this board: How you can be wealthy and not materialistic or you can be poor and very materialistic. It depends upon your attachments. So as I think of my little old VW I find I am attached to it, when maybe I should go out and buy a new Honda or Toyota that I worry I can't afford when it begins to break down, but that has air conditioning and a heater that works instantly and comfortable seats for this old hippie, but at least a VW is easy to fix.

Basically, though, I am not a person who desires a lot in life. I would rather live in a cabin in the woods than in a mansion in the city or in the woods. But I am attached to the idea of a cabin in the woods, and it is the word "attached" that makes all the difference in the world, but I can't afford a cabin in the woods, oh yes I can, but it is so far away from the cities, the hospitals, the conviences such as Wal-mart and Costco.

I also think that many, if not most on this board consider Yogananda as their guru.

(4/11/04 10:34 am)
Happy Easter

I just came back from Deer Park Monastery. Nothing was going on there today. A few people were walking around, so I asked someone how they meditated: You just watch your breath. I replied, "that is easy because you have to breath anyway to stay alive".

I went and sat down in the meditation hall by myself and watched my breath. My consciousness changed just like a mantra would change it. It was peaceful.

There were no statues on the altar, not photos. Just a large vase of flowers. Finally a mantra not connected to a guru, which I am become upset with and let go of and no photos I can get angry with and take down. Just an innocent vase of flowers.

I thought later how we were always told that a guru had to initiate you in order for the mantra to be powerful. I am beginning to think that the guru is just there to explain things that happen to you when you meditate, that is, if anything does happen.

Rabbits were running around on the ground. My spouse said, "That is because it is Easter. You can tell the gender by the color of eggs they lay. The females lay pink eggs, and the males, blue.

Registered User
(4/11/04 12:10 pm)
Re: Happy Easter
Happy Easter to you too, Didgeridootoo.

I had a very similar experience after leaving SRF. I wanted to continue meditating but I did not want a mantra or any meditation technique that was connected with any guru or organization. I wanted something "generic".

So I figured I'll just meditate watching the breath from now on, because it's so simple, we all have to breathe, and that is not connected to any guru or org. Then I also remembered that the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali say that Om is the most basic mantra, from which everything emanates, so I figured whenever I want or need to use a mantra in meditation, I'll use Om. It's the seed mantra of the universe and not attached to anyone or anything in particular. It's the most general mantra there is.

Edited by: seekerseeking at: 4/11/04 12:23 pm
(4/11/04 2:32 pm)
Re: Happy Easter
Hi Seeker,

I have always loved "Om" I used to use it, and when I did I tried to break it into two syllables, like "Aw Om", which works best for me. Give me more than two syllables, and the peace doesn't come as easily, which is why I liked Hong Sau, but always preferred "Om" in a mantra. I also like that it is generic like you said. Nice to have a mantra or a just breath that is attached to no one guru.

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