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(10/6/02 3:19 pm)
Turning SRF Around - Vishwananda then what?
I thought this was a great message by SRFLongAgo and felt it deserved its own thread.
SRFLongAgo: (down in thread...)

Title:Re: Vishwananda and then what?
Date: 10/6/02
Perhaps it is an appropriate time to suggest what SRF could do to make itself again into the flagship Western institution for Yoga. This is intended to start a discussion. Of course, we have no influence, but why not be positive? We would all prefer striving toward an ideal world.

1) SRF should drop its doctrinal insistence on the Uniqueness of Yogananda, and treat him instead as one of a pantheon of those who have sought the same goals based on the Gita. Recent figures include Ramakrishna, Aurobindo, and Lahiri, the spiritual father of the Kriya tradition that was the basis of Yogananda's accomplishments.

2) SRF should encourage all forms of advancement in physical, intellectual, and spiritual powers, whether obtained from other schools or from books.

3)SRF should encourage understanding the whole historical background of all branches of Yoga, of Kriya in particular, and its own history as well.

4) SRF should encourage its members to evaluate the spiritual advancement of all its teachers for themselves, and to pay attention only to those who demonstrate in person by living example their spiritual stature. Those who emphasize ritual as opposed to spirit would fall by the wayside.

5) SRF should welcome those of all religions into its non-religious folds. Kriya Yoga is compatible with all religions.

5) SRF should encourage membership by householders such as were Black, Lewis, and Warnack in the old days.

6) SRF should replace its Board of Directors by outside householder members of the same character as Black, Lewis.

Like Enron and Worldcom, SRF suffers from self-serving self-perpetuating leadership, whose way of life depends on maintaining control over the organization. The Board should hire administrators and handle all finances and all external activities, such as evaluating and using law firms.

7) Nuns and Monks should have no administrative positions. They should be devoted to attaining the unity of self with universal consciousness.

Desire for and exercise of power are proscribed for them by all the classic sources from which Kriya Yoga was developed, back to the Gita.

Edited by: srflongago at: 10/6/02 3:01:42 pm

Registered User
(10/6/02 7:29 pm)
Re: Turning SRF Around - Vishwananda then what?
I like the idea of contributing suggestions for SRF! Now that they are on the road to recovery what can they do to keep from falling into the same pit?

#2: I agree that SRF’s proclaimed view that it is the way and the light and contains some excusive airplane route is wrong. Why not make NO claims like that? They might just help people to find and read Yogananda’s words for themselves. I somewhat disagree with some of the other suggestions about SRF educating about other historical things. If they keep their focus small and simple, just facilitating Yogananda’s written and spoken words, that is probably enough as long as they make no claims of being the only way or fastest way or keeping members from reading anything else.

#5 & #6: SRF should encourage membership by householders and put members of character on the board. If we look at the source of the problems it always leads back to power. Good people are corrupted by the amazing power of being Yogananda's right hand man (women). I don’t think either Black or Lewis were corrupted but finding people of that caliper is difficult. There are many at the HQ who feel they are of that caliper and would seek that power. Why replace one disappointing regime with another?

I feel the key here is limited duration officers. Pull them from all walks of life for 2 year terms of guidance and fiscal oversight. This would go for monastics in key positions also. It is too easy for them to come to feel they are Guru replacements like the current old ladies.

7) Nuns and Monks should have no administrative positions. They should be devoted to attaining the unity of self with universal consciousn Nice idea but this is not practical. I feel they should lead a life of service. Not only to the membership but why not to the whole community? They could volunteer in clinics or help with any number of existing community efforts. I also believe they should be part of the leadership of SRF if the environment can be setup so that they are not so terribly tempted by power and glory. To have them only lead a life of reading books is not practical in this age. Let’s not make it into a retirement home for lazy yogis.

Openness! Nothing is going to really change without a large dose of openness. They keep their financial records secret, the goals secret, their priorities secret and the operations of their legal department secret. Everything is secret. This has allowed the devil in the back door. Open the back door and let the devil of mistrust and fear out. Just the implementation of a new principle of openness alone will take the organization far down the road of recovery. Most of those in charge today, or who want to be in charge, will not be able to stand the light of the truth. That would cause a chain reaction of review and healing.

Edited by: KS at: 10/6/02 7:34:33 pm
Registered User
(10/7/02 3:35 am)
Re: Turning SRF Around - Vishwananda then what?
Very cogent analysis! More food for thought. Certainly there is nothing to be said against lives of service, just against lives of control.

Edited by: srflongago at: 10/7/02 9:32:50 am
Registered User
(10/7/02 8:00 am)
couple questions...
Chuckle Chela...

Where were these meetings held and how did lay members know to go (did they announce these meetings at the SoCal temples or what)? If these meetings were held a good two weeks ago, any word on developments since then?

I agree that it might seem really weird to those members (and there are many...the majority perhaps?) that didn't know there was anything wrong and then they hear about "changes." I mean, how will that work? Will SRF send out a letter, admitting that things were not what they should be and this is what's going to happen now? I'll believe that when I see it.

Does anyone else on the board have any information regarding these meetings and proposed plans to deal with problems?? Thanks to Chuckle for the valuable posts...

Registered User
(10/7/02 6:29 pm)
Re: couple questions...
Lay members? :) You misunderstand what stage SRF is at now. These were just meetings with monastics and employees, and not even all employees. SRF is not even close to admitting to problems like this in public. The Bad Ladies are feeling the impact of all the discontent and therefore they are willing to let Vishwananda run some inside house cleaning and burn some people. The Bad Ladies are as loyal as… well, they are not too loyal even to people who have abused others for them. Heads will roll as a sign for the employees/monastics that real change is happening.

All that is probably happening is some fire fighting internally. The chances of real change are remote. Therefore it is interesting to put a stake in the ground, like some of these messages, and let them know what we would accept as a sign of real change. There is little good in it probably but I personally I am sure they believe they can just talk talk talk a good game and get an get out of jail free card.

Firing some bad people is not a sign of positive change. The place is filled with bad people, where would you start! Talking of peace and love and change and Master’s way is not change.

Edited by: KS at: 10/7/02 6:31:26 pm
chuckle chela
Registered User
(10/8/02 4:36 pm)
Re: couple questions...
gardendiva, the meetings were held at Mother Center. They were for monastics and employees. I mistakenly gave the impression that any lay members could attend. What I meant was lay members who worked at Mother Center. I very much doubt the meetings would have been announced to anyone outside MC, and certainly not in the temples.

I would think that, at this stage at least, MC and the leaders would want to be hush-hush about this. But I would have thought that some other Walrus contributor would have mentioned the meetings or have additional info.

While it might prove somewhat interesting to see what develops, I think X Insider is right: it's just re-arranging deck chairs. I'd like to be wrong, though.

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(10/10/02 5:57 am)
The Big Lie
When they admit to the public that a Mata has lost her temper, or been unfairly critical of someone, or lied to protect their own reputations, had people fired for questioning a decision they made, or asked some of the nuns to spy on their fellow nuns to help maintain control or admit to any number of their disappointing actions THEN we will know that change is possible.

While they are still trying to maintain the big lie of God Realization for the leadership then no change is really possible. That one lie, used to control the membership and raise their decisions above question, introduces the chink in the armor that Satan has needed to destroy the credibility of Yogananda’s work here on Earth. These people who tell themselves they are doing these things to protect their Guru’s work are actually destroying it.

Registered User
(10/10/02 6:13 am)
I think we are not seeing more specifics about these meetings because many Walrus people have seen all this before. For years and years SRF fires up some initiative to fix things only to kill it later. Remember the Spiritual Life Committees? They were disbanded. Remember the outside counselor SRF brought in to help those with problems? She was “released” after deciding that the environment and leadership were the problems. Other outside consultants, techniques and initiatives were begun only to be squashed once they turned their attention toward the leadership and environment itself.

Vishwananda is talking in generalities. He says the course of SRF is off track or our priorities are misplaced. Never is there an admission that the Mata/captain of the ship may have been at best a poor leader. I find it an insult that after all the collateral damage (burned out devotees, shattered lives) they come to us with such a lame dialog. This is not leadership.

Talk is just so completely cheap, it really is true.

On the other hand many monastics and employees are so burned out and have such a low expectation for the morality of their own church that they once again believe that change is just around the corner. Lucy just might pull the football away again, but maybe this time they will be lucky?

Registered User
(10/21/02 7:48 pm)
Re: The Big Lie
While they are still trying to maintain the big lie of God Realization for the leadership then no change is really possible. That one lie, used to control the membership and raise their decisions above question, introduces the chink in the armor that Satan has needed to destroy the credibility of Yogananda’s work here on Earth.

Well said! I totally agree. That is how Satan has gotten into the temple. The ego up there on the Hill is a mighty thing.

Registered User
(10/22/02 4:45 pm)
Re: The Big Lie
"Mother of Compassion".
(Like many spiritual names, it is something for the designated to be attained....)

Registered User
(11/11/02 5:44 am)
Mother of Compassion is a stage name
I think the Mother of Compassion is a stage name or a name given to Faye to set the framework for how they want her viewed by the world. Remember that they jealously and almost violently protect access to Faye and the other bad ladies. Like the great political movements through history the bad ladies (SRF management’s) followed a specific process designed to give Faye the pedestal of God-realization to give them unquestioned control of the cult they have morphed SRF into. What person would question the leadership of a God-realized person!

Once you realize the bad ladies gave these names to themselves it sure makes it look different! Does the membership think Yogananda gave them all these names? I think they do.

What name did Gandhi give himself? (answer: none)

Edited by: crogman1 at: 11/11/02 5:47:02 am
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