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(8/25/02 6:58 am)
Life inside worse? What about the housecleaning?
X-Insider raised a question in the following message to my comment that life on the inside was worse that outside.

To X-Insider: When I said ashram life was worse I didn’t mean ashram life was more difficult. By worse I meant that it is often a more stressful environment full of strange controlling rules, monastics spying on monastics, recorded phone calls, retaliation, physiological abuse, intentional efforts to reduce one’s self esteem, and so on. Worse. The leadership gets away with things outside companies would never get away with.

I agree some stay due to fear or a lack of energy to make it in what they call the real world. After their abuse (called training) many would never make it out here anyway.

I am also told that some even cope by having a lot of outside activities. I would suggest to them that if they have to resort to things like that they might reflect on why they are there!

A few of the monastics treat the place like an extended summer camp and play most of the time. Meals are provided and they have a place to sleep and few duties. No check is made for real spiritual focus since that is not the real mission of the place. As long as they are controlled and don’t stir things up they can be part of the little cult, support the leadership and stay at summer camp.

I also agree that plenty of monastics are NOT egomaniacs along with many employees. However, being part of something “special” is why some of them stay. It is the religion of the new age, the most special religion, the most wonderful, and being part of it defines who they are. At least they think it does. They go to convocation and are treated like stars and they think more and more people will see them that way. Back at the office they are flunkies but they mistakenly think they are all seen as Elvis out in the world. This is another subset of them.

Some are too abused to leave and could not make it on their own, some too lazy, some afraid they will burn in hell, some are at summer camp, and some think they are Elvis. Note that I left out that some are their making spiritual progress. As always Bro Bhatananda is an exception. He is truely the example Master asked him to be.

In the same thread LOBO asked about X-Insider’s claim that Anandamoy has seen a recent housecleaning.

By house cleaning Anandamoy is almost certainly referring to those who have left. There are plenty of messages here referring to SRF’s methods of covering up and spinning the reasons for all those who have left. It is so pitiful. The cult has to protect itself. If people leave they have to be thought of as disloyal and anti truth and as having failed. Otherwise how could the cult expect to have people continue to stay and put up with the environment and lies? Only through fear will they get people to stay. Fear of failure, fear of disappointing Master, fear of the outside world, fear of seven lifetimes of struggle to find the wondrous cult again (which they really claim will happen).

Here is a good thread started by my humble self but which has many good messages and comments on why people do put up with the life and what it is like inside.

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(8/25/02 8:10 pm)
Re: Life inside worse? What about the housecleaning?
KS, Thank You,


You might find a moment for the crime of silence (Aug 25th) posts in core issues and srf monitor.


I also find myself at Richmond Temple, and maybe nuns and monks find themselves in the ashram because our friends are there.
At the same time, I am not writing checks to srf, nor am i speaking or counseling students, visitors and members to support srf financially.
Nor are my years spent serving the bod.
And I ask people questions, and openly speak my mind.

Your post is helpful, i believe i am also thanking you for many of the guests to this board.

There are lulls in posting, yet on days when even zero posts are made, I have seen 4 guests/visitors here.

By the way, your email isn't enabled. I sometimes wish to add a link in a post of mine like the link in yours...D=24.topic.
When I look in ezcodes, I am not sure that the way to do that is included. Perhaps you can help me.

Again thank you for the thoughtful help, maybe this is no joking matter, yet maybe it good to laugh once in awhile, especially at my "public persona."
You're welcome to..
..back to my life of cosmic wanderer in the primordial slime of hilarity and knowing nothing.....

sweeter than the sound of a butterfly
or knowing nothing...
.. more satisfying than demolishing a chess opponent
or more mischievious than winking in the midst
..................................of my many delicious failures.


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(8/26/02 5:30 am)
Re: Life inside worse? What about the housecleaning?
SRF refers to is as housecleaning! It is a coward’s act to claim that. What else are they going to call it? “Good people are leaving because they find they can’t make spiritual progress?” or “To some we appear a little cult?”

The cult environment has existed for 20 and maybe 30 years. Nothing has changed and maybe it has even gotten worse. Look at the insiders who have stayed through it all. VERY few. SRF claims this is housecleaning, that these people could not cut it. What hogwash. We all know talented sincere devotees who are no longer brothers and sisters, monastics and helpers at the temples. They were all dust bunnies? Housecleaning!

That is a very revealing attitude. Imagine what a sincere spiritual place might say about someone who left the order. I imagine something other than claiming it was housecleaning.

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(8/28/02 2:38 pm)
Aumboy offers great quote that says all in one sentence
Hello All,

In an August 28th post in catch all AumBoy found one sentence saying it all:

"When you turn your head and look the other way, you are just as responsible." - Ayn Rand

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