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(5/24/03 6:47 am)
Atthylotusfeet! Four Stages of Interaction with SRF
Atthylotusfeet has not yet seen behind the curtain. I can remember thinking that SRF represented God and Master and that the mata sisters, we call them the Bad Ladies, were all saints and devoted to Master. I used to believe that myself. Atthy is blessed to live in a time of decline for SRF and therefore won’t have to be side tracked much longer. Many here wasted 20 to 30 years misdirected toward SRF. With the coming collapse of SRF Atthy won’t have to waste that much time.

There are four stages to a person’s interaction with SRF.

:) First you read the Autobiography and want to be part of the bliss filled ya ya land of saints and drenched in the love of God! You have found the one true religion! God realized old ladies are living right there in Los Angeles as examples!

:) Then comes the un-oh stage. This comes when you start to work more closely with the monks (especially if you work with the nuns), a friend leaves SRF employment or the SRF monastic community, or you are on a committee at temple or a center and have to deal with HQ. You can see something is wrong. Since you are dealing with saints (you believe) figuring out the truth is often a slow, painful, grinding process of self doubt and depression.

:) Sometimes you then progress to the “I have been betrayed” stage. You realize they don’t represent Master at all and you have wasted a lot of time and have been supporting people who are doing more harm to Master’s work than good. Anger fills this step and often a lot of embarrassment that you were taken in by a cult.

:) The move-on stage. Hopefully you get to this stage quickly. Just forget about SRF and hopefully keep your relationship with Master strong and worthwhile. You might post an occasional message on the Walrus to help others get to the final step more quickly.

I think a benefit of the Walrus is that it connects with those in the second Uh-oh stage. It helps them realize they are not the problem and makes them aware that they are not alone. They can pass through the second stage more quickly and I think that makes the third stage less destructive and of shorter duration.

I hope Atthylotusfeet moves through the stages quickly. The ongoing degeneration of SRF will make her time in stage one probably shorter. The signs are everywhere.

Jai Guru!

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(5/24/03 1:07 pm)
Re: Atthylotusfeet! Four Stages of Interaction with SRF
There are other types of people attending the temples and centers. One other type is just people like our parents. They are just attending temples as a social event and an association with a little cool religion. They don’t practice anything. These are new age groupies who don’t really know what is going on. The place is perfect for them.

The other kind of person attending is the crazy zoned out devotee who is convinced the Bad Ladies are god-like saints. The are religious radicals and believers and define themselves by their association with the cult. They draw their self image from the cult. They will never pass through the stages you described.

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