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(4/28/03 4:54 pm)
SRF needs to shut down
SRF has turned enough people away from God and Master. Enough is enough. They need to shut down. They have a corrupting influence on those who get close, who become monastics or serve the guru-pretenders at Mother Center, and waste money given them. Their arrogance in holding back Master’s words, pictures, and videos is inexcusable (while they publish the _great_ words of the matas). Their cultish immaturity in declaring themselves to be the one and only representative of Yogananda’s is pathetic.

They are protecting the teachings? They are actually destroying the reputation of a truly great master. They need to turn over to the public domain the precious words of Yogananda and close their doors. They have done enough damage.

Yogananda came here to help us and better explain the universal message that is OF COURSE not owned by any organization. SRF, even Yogananda, has no corner on the truth but Yogananda was able to beautifully explain it in a way familiar to Western minds. To hold back the message behind the dark veil that is SRF is a crime, or to edit it for their own purpose to enhance their own role and standing. This reminds me of the dark ages when the ignorant church twisted the message of Christ. It reminds me of this because this is obviously the last gasp of that old yuga. It is time they went away and saw the light.

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Potato Secrets
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(12/25/03 11:02 pm)
Re: SRF needs to shut down

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