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(4/15/04 3:01 pm)
Re: Sharing meditation experiences

A sister is not one initiated into Kriya, a sister is a sister--just because.

I had the most interesting conversation with a friend of mine that I have know since 1980. She was an atheist. She and her daughter went to see a movie titled: "What the Bleep Do We Know?" on quantum physics, on how we are all One, and on the how we project our own reality, and on and on. Her daughter has seen it four times. My friend now believes that God is everything, and basically Love. The movie also said that religious organizations are blasphemy. I can see where the movie is coming from. I have come to the realization, that in most part, religion destroys spirituality.

This movie will not be in theaters but in the artsy theaters. It will come out in DVD, and so if I can't find it in San Diego area, I will wait and get it in DVD. whatthebleep.com/showdates/

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(4/16/04 6:02 pm)
Re: Damaged People in SRF
"If you want to be a Master in this lifetime," Yogananda told a disciple, "then, along with your other meditation practices and eating a mango once a day, practice Hong-Sau at least two hours a day."

"As a boy, I used to practice Hong-Sau sometimes for seven hours at a time, until I entered the breathless state of ecstasy."

"Practice Kriya Yoga so deeply that breath becomes mind. For the breath is only a gross dream, from which you will awake someday in superconsciousness."

From Essence of Realization (Walters, p172). The mango thing I added for the hell of it.

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(4/16/04 11:06 pm)
Re: Damaged People in SRF
Thanks for that movie link didg. I want to see it. I watched the trailer and sent links to some friends. String theory has sounded so much like the vibrational basis of everything to me.

Red that mango path to God is very appealing! ;)

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(9/18/05 4:44 pm)
Re: Damaged People in SRF
Definitely think my teenage years would have been better without the lessons. Started when I was 17, and got to the point where I wanted to become a rununciant.

Also, though I hadn't discovered what it was, I was battling depression, and I think delving deeper into my psych was not a good idea. Though I have to say, when I interviewed to be a renunciant, a very kind elderly nun (wish I could remember her name, I would be very surprised since it is twenty years now that she is still on this world) told me with a look of complete surprise, 'You are not a nurse yet?!?' Well, me being a very shy, scared person, I took this to be a sign that I could succeed. I didn't have much faith in myself at the time, and I had considered that profession, but I was just too scared. After that, I worked very hard until I was, in fact, an RN. :)

But back to 'damaged people' doing meditation. Though I battle depression to this day, I think that meditation has definitely helped me in my work, and people are amazed at how calm I am when everything is crazy! I can kind of get into that mind-set and I think that is very helpful. But I find that kriya does not settle right with me, the sensation is not pleasant in my spine, and I feel like the energy gets caught right in the middle. That's all I can say, it is hard to describe.

The whole 'guru' thing, is not healthy in my opinion. To put anyone on a pedestal like that, is not right. I think it is a diservice to the one being the 'guru' and the devotee. Just my thoughts, I know many would not agree with me. I think PY had a lot of good ideas, I accepted him as my guru, but I don't think anyone should be held to those 'savior' standards. It is not fair to PY, or anyone.

Also the thought, 'Nothing happens to us by accident.' What harsh words! What a terrible unloving thing to say. If you truly believe God caused this horrible suffering, I think that would fast lead to depression. I have seen a lot working in hospice and with cancer pts, and I think that many things happen by accident! And that we desperately need each other to work through them!

Apart from the things, I dislike, one thing that I really enjoy is the song, 'Take the dust of each one's feet, serving mother where she sleeps.' I find if I chant that in the mornings before work that meditative feeling stays with me and I try to see that presence in everyone, even the people who are not too pleasant. :P Also I agree, hong-sau is wonderful. With aum technique, I find I feel really creative after doing it, but I'm sure it's just my imagination. If I use head-phones, I get a really awful sensation at the top of my head, and I just can't do it that long with a pillow on that board.

Definitely need balance, or I think I would go crazy! Can't take everything from SRF. I noticed that in the beginning of the lessons, I was so inspired! Though it was strange how the Point of View would change, sometimes talking in third, sometimes talking right at you. Very strange. And the lessons that come 'after' were starting to get scary with the talk of 'satan' etc. I may have been having doubts but I had a hard time reading them after that.

Sometimes I re-read the very first lessons and get the feeling of inspiration of reaching deep within. But for me, I need to be outward too, in connecting with others, and having lots of hobbies. If you truly read the lessons, they seem to be all inclusive, every thought, every action, and to see everything as a part of God. This is not healthy, in my opinion. This world needs us, and we need each other!

I like that quote, 'Each of us has deficiencies, but as a whole we are complete, each helping the other, until we make a perfect whole.'

Sorry about rambling, I have completely lost my train of thought, so take care everyone! :)

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maggie mcclintock
Registered User
(9/18/05 5:57 pm)
Re: Damaged People in SRF
My own feelings is that you chose a better path in helping people than in being a renunciant.

[quote]And the lessons that come 'after' were starting to get scary with the talk of 'satan' etc. I may have been having doubts but I had a hard time reading them after that.[/quote]

I don't recall that part of the lessons, but then I just always intrepreted the devil and delusion. I never considered satan to be real, to be a spirit or whatever. I actually looked forward to each lesson and then was disappointed each time because they were too vague to me or something.

I don't look at eveything as being God anymore. I guess I never could really do so anyway.

I agree with you that meditation is very calming.

I am not into the guru system anymore either, but I believe I mentioned that earlier.

I do still believe in karma. So in a way that is saying that nothing happens to us by accident, but I also believe that we should help our fellow man even so. Some I feel just say "it is his karma" and then do nothing to help the person, and that to me is harsh and cruel. But I don't believe that God caused this. I just believe in the law of karma.

I like your morning chant. What a wonderful way to start the day.

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