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Raja Begum
Unregistered User
(12/6/01 3:06 am)
Psychological Antiques: SRF Board of Directors
Read this quote from Nathaniel Branden and tell me if it apples to the BOD...

"The practice of living conciously entails an openness to evidence that might suggest an error in one's thinking -- and a willingness to correct such an error. It is the opposite of self-defensive mental rigidity. DEFENSIVENESS IS UNCONSCIOUSNESS PROTECTING ITSELF. IF WE ARE INVESTED IN THE FALLACIOUS NOTION THAT WE MUST NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE OR THAT IT IS A REFLECTION ON OUR WORTH TO ADMIT AN ERROR, THEN WE ARE DRIVEN TO SHRINK OUR AWARENESS -- TO INDUCE BLINDNESS. Living consciously (and authentic self-esteem) require eagerness to discover one's errors and candor about admitting them. The underlying premise of this attitude is: I do not treat reality as an antagonist."

One cannot "induce blindness" and "shrink awareness" and at the same time manifest an expanded state of consciousness. Doesn't it make you wonder?

Registered User
(12/6/01 7:55 am)
They are trying to “protect” with all their energy. There are posts all over this board about it. They don’t publish much (some of Master’s words and videos are still unpublished, as are the new lesson formats) or focus on center tours or making convocation better. No, they focus on protection and lawsuits and controlling the employees and monastics.

Anyone associated with them can see that. The layers of committees to slow things down and hide their fear, the secrets (everything is a secret), and weird control-rules all point to the defensive posture mentioned above.

Ask the membership out there who is on the Board of Directors. Even that is a secret!

Unregistered User
(12/7/01 4:54 pm)
Ask who? Isn't the membership a secret, too? :eek

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