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(9/19/03 9:39 pm)
Voluntary League Newsletter
Just got a copy. What a shameless document. Let’s have some fun picking it apart.

First of all, why are these letters never signed? Why pretend they are personal with a signature Mother Center? I am just curious how that fits their needs.

In the letter they include in appeal for money they state that SRF is going through significant growth. What? That is not true but it IS true that most members will have no idea of the real status of SRF. Most will believe it and find inspiration in the thought. They are right to belong to SRF! Millions are joining them! (They must be right)

They also state that they are continuing the program to bring out previously unpublished books. I suppose on some strange level of reality this is true. There was a 50 year gap in these efforts but now they have started up again. And of course the work they mention, the Second Coming, was already published in some form years ago.

They say they are investigating emerging Internet and telecommunications opportunities through which to serve you better Telecommunications? They are going to start using the telephone? Pretty funny. The Internet? Online ordering has been around for several year. The SRF books have been on sale on the Internet for five years. SRF just now hired an outside company to do this for them (probably at great expense in addition to lose of jobs at SRF). This kind of statement just reminds me how truly backward these people really are.

How about this one… those in our ashrams are making every effort to conserve the resources entrusted to us and use them wisely. Decoding the cult speak here they are firing more of the loyal members who have given up parts of their lives to work for them. These underappreciated member employees are being replaced by outside higher paid workers (outsourced) increasing the expenses. There are plenty of threads full of stories about the magnitude of the waste at SRF. It is shameful. I suppose if they do reduce the waste by 25% then it is only partially shameful? A business analyst would fire them all. A close look at the books might even cause them to lose their non-profit status. No one cares enough to look of course so they are safe.

It might be interesting for the next person to decide to leave them millions of dollars to ask for an accounting first? Hire a CPA and get a look at their books. If they are not really wasteful give them the big check. Who thinks they would do it?

I could not read the 2 color glossy included in the sales package. I just have no stomach for that stuff anymore. But a quick look does reveal that the biggest face is of course that of daya mata’s. She is center stage again. Why? Looking back that should have been the biggest flag of all the obvious problems with SRF. Master is going to kick our butts for falling for this place and not following him. We little brains have our heads turned so easily!

Enough for now.

Registered User
(10/22/03 5:21 am)
Re: Voluntary League Newsletter
The farther you get from them the more they look like a shameless cult! Such manipulation. And it is manipulation that only works if you abandon reason and just trust that you are working with God-realized old ladies who represent our great Master. Once the veil of that lie falls away things sure look different. The things they expect us to believe when ALL evidence points to them being a tiny failing cult are remarkable.

Do we wonder why the cult is shrinking? Others were not as easily fooled as we were! (Sorry to have to say that)

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