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Been there
Unregistered User
(12/2/01 2:59 pm)
In addendum
Yes, unempathetic is a good word for it. Also, unable to be "just folks" and apologize. The recent exodus of monastics would not have happened if the leadership had said "Oh, gee. We're sorry things have gotten off track. Let's do what we can to make things saner and more loving around here."

Instead, when Sr. Dhriti told Sr. Shivani she was no longer willing to do her dirty work, all the doors that had begun to open a little were slammed in Sr. Dhriti's face. And consequently in everyone else's.

Unregistered User
(12/2/01 3:55 pm)
Hanky Panky, Financial and Otherwise
You are not alone in your admiration of Christopher Hitchens' willingness to raise reasonable questions about revered figures deemed too "holy" to be held to account. "The Missionary Position" has long been a favorite of mine, and, in the same vein, Hitch did a report on the Dalai Lama in the July 13, 1998 editon of Salon-- as far as I know, it's the only clear-eyed take on that Living God to make it into print in the West. As the piece points out, "The greatest triumph that modern PR can offer is the transcendent success of having your words and actions judged by your reputation, rather than the other way about." Hitchens continues -- and I hope you're all paying attention here -- "The Dalai Lama enjoys an unassailable status, having become a synonym for saintly and ethereal values. Why this doesn't put people on their guard I'll never know."
And, of course, "While he denies being a Buddhist 'Pope,' the Dalai Lama is never happier than when brooding in a celibate manner on the sex lives of people he has never met."
I am shocked by the apparent naivety -- even when longtime (ex) monastics are speaking -- about the extent of SRF's wealth, and exactly what uses it's put to. And am I correct in believing that there is now some sort of wage freeze for employees? Yikes. If only you knew how vast the coffers are. But that's how it goes when you can convince enough "truth seekers" that you are omniscient, all-powerful (Faye Wright going through devotee's consciousness, indeed!) and "far, far beyond duality", just like -- well, just like Brahma.
SRF scored a smashing success in almost completely suppressing the facts behind the three-month affair of a minister/monk -- which was made known to two senior monastics from the outset, although they refused to take any action at all -- while simultaneously driving Donald Walters out of the country (and his devoted followers into virtual bankruptcy) for similar misconduct. I suppose that could be attributed -- as some have suggested -- to the fact that "Master is protecting the organization."
Or maybe it's attributable to unassailable Holy Ones being free to lie, dissemble and hang on to their power positions, without any danger of being held to account.
Perhaps Mr. Hitchens can be persuaded to relocate to Los Angeles.

News Guy
Unregistered User
(12/2/01 9:26 pm)
SRF's Wealth
By my calculations alone, SRF must have $800 million to $2 billion socked away in banks. Many wealthy people have left money to the organization. This makes SRF a very tempting "partner" for lawyers and "consultants" who may take advantage of the mata's and the board. Is it unreasonable to assume that special forces lawyers like Michael Flynn wouldn't be pulling a few strings themselves? Or could sheer old age be clouding the board's thinking?

gray beard
Unregistered User
(12/4/01 8:50 pm)
Arjunananda & 'imperfections'
Dear Recoverying Slowly,

Yea he did get the boot. Read the first New Times L.A. article of last year for all in info (available on their website).

As for imperfections, well if an organization makes believe that its president is God-realized and therefore incapable of error I don't know how anyone could be faulted, finding hypocrisy disgusting.

And it's important for people, I think, to speak their minds. I'm thrilled for this site and thank the owners/builders from my heart for this hughly-needed place to come and 'let it rip'. With respect that is.


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