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(12/19/01 10:03 am)
Acting With Love
Dear Ones,

God bless you all. I am so sorry that so many of you have suffered so greatly. Feeling betrayed by those to whom you have given your loyalty, trust and love is surely one of the most painful experiences anyone ever goes through. I have suffered with you and share your anguish.

Thank you all for having the courage to say the things you have said. I think that this dialog has been extremely valuable and must continue, in as thoughtful and considerate manner as possible. We must also, however, have the courage to do something else: forgive. Regardless how much we have been hurt, and regardless of how we may be treated in the future for doing what we feel is right, we must meet evil with love. We must try to emulate Jesus’ example when he said, while being crucified, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I know this is hard, but harboring hatred and ill will for others, whether they be the greatest sinners or the greatest saints, will only keep us away from God.

We are all His children and all have our parts to play in the lila. I think it is important to realize that the people who are now leading the SRF may have been selected for their respective roles not because they were the most advanced disciples or best qualified individuals to lead but because they needed to experience these roles for their own personal karmic reasons. Many grievous mistakes may have been made, but at a deep level, the current leadership is trying its best to do what it believes is right, however wise or deluded that may be. No one gets up in the morning and says, “Today I’m going to be a tyrant.” We all find ways to rationalize our wrong behavior. We must not judge others for their imperfections.

This does not mean, however, that we should condone abuse when it occurs. The difficult question is how to deal with it. While each person must ask God for guidance on this subject, I do not personally believe that a frontal assault is the best approach for most people. The SRF has become too rich and powerful for a small, loosely organized band of devotees to change anything by direct confrontation. If you send the SRF a lot of angry letters, I think there is a strong likelihood that, at best, they will be ignored, and at worst, they will only create trouble for you. One alternate approach would be to simply withdraw your financial support and say nothing. If enough people quietly stop giving money, the organization will be forced to take notice. This is perhaps not a quick or long term solution, but it may be the best one for those who do not want to challenge a rhinoceros with a toothpick. I realize, however, that each person must do what he or she believes is right, and for some, taking a more direct approach may be what is called for. Just try to act with love and respect, whatever you choose to do. The most successful campaigns against authoritarianism have always taken the moral high road.

So do what you must, but love God, love Master, love your friends, enemies and everyone else. Practice kriya. Practice forgiveness. Practice being a saint, and one day you will find that despite the shortcomings of religious institutions, you will have become one.

I love you all.

Edited by: Devotee1970 at: 12/19/01 10:08:32 am
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(10/31/05 1:17 pm)
Thank You With Love
and Devotee 1970 we love you

Registered User
(10/31/05 1:21 pm)
Re: a prophet
good prophecy

Devotee 1970 wrote above:

"One alternate approach would be to simply withdraw your financial support and say nothing. If enough people quietly stop giving money, the organization will be forced to take notice."

one California Temple is basically stopping its social programs....Christmas plans don't call for a large tree....activities at times in the years past won't occur in '06

Registered User
(10/31/05 5:30 pm)
Re: a prophet
Thankyou for your uplifting post. The problem with just refusing to tithe is that SRF's spin doctors are hard at work raking in new suckers, and as PT Barnam pointed out, there's one of them born every minute. SRF has done remarkably well selling itself to the masses, so there will always be a new crop of fools willing to give money. I know multi-millionaires who give SRF ungodly amounts of money. Of these, only one (so far) has seen the light and stopped tithing. It is not enough to be silent and withhold our cash. We must publish the truth, so that SRF's lies will be exposed. Then and only then will new generations of truth-seekers be shown the truth and turn away themselves from giving money to SRF.

Registered User
(11/3/05 12:37 pm)
it could happen
the future is hard to know

many years I have spent thinking as you that srf would go on recruiting many people, but only time will tell

you are probably right on the "money" (like the pun? lol)

it has just occurred to me that multi-millionaires read too and may read this

srf may lose one (or more) of these as patrons

as one of the youth in Angels in the Outfield said, "It could happen."

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