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Unregistered User
(9/21/01 9:45 pm)
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
1. I thank the moderator for adding this forum.

2. ezboard logs IP addresses. This is stated in their privacy policy. What this means is that you can be traced if some entity decides to take legal action against you. If that is a concern you can cloak your IP address so that it you cannot be traced. One service is www.anonymizer.com, but there are other services and ways of doing this. If you have any questions about them please post them and I will endeavor to answer them.

3. Many of my posts, and those of others here, may focus around the poor behavior of one monk (in particular) at HV who has had an extreme amount of power and was unquestioned for so long regarding his decisions and conclusions. He has changed the course of peoples lives. I have described my own experiences at HV to several SRF friends in the mental health field: mental health counselors, a clinical psychologist, and others. They all have the same conclusion: there is a big problem. Exactly what it is cannot be ascertained without adequate testing.
The type of testing for NPD includes interviewing associates who worked with, lived with, and/or know the individual. It is not limited to simply having the individual taking tests. NPD is not mutually exclusive of psychopathy or sociopathy. Each can contain parts of the other, or not. Individuals with these disorders tend to have no conscience. Hard to believe, huh? A monk with no conscience. They have a difficult time understanding the emotional reactions of others and will immitate others reactions on the surface not understanding what is going on underneath. The ruleset they use for making decisions is different than a "normal" person. There is more.

4. I'm starting off the HV forum with a discussion of NPD at the behest of a good friend who I greatly respect and who weathered a lot at HV. :)

5. I appreciate all comments and will do the best I can to respond to all questions. I'm writing to help people understand some of the behavior patterns they may run into in any organization. It is more personal where SRF is concerned because it is my Guru's work and we all have a desire to serve the Guru. My Guru.

6. We are all direct disciples of Master. We have the lessons. We strive for a direct personal experience of God. We are all direct disciples. All equal under the sun.

More to come...


Unregistered User
(9/22/01 7:31 am)
Monks are definitely expendable, by all definitions of expendable. I wonder how he has survived. I suppose it is out of site, out of mind, down in HV.

One outcome of his general behavior being known is that the “bad ladies” (talked about on this board) could very probably force him out. They could then claim they are working to fix things. We suspect that as the pressure builds they will turn on each other, and the first signs will be the elimination of any monks they can blame things on.

P.S. I had to smile when I read the phrase “bad ladies”. It gives them the respect they deserve, shows they are just normal humans or worse, and is a little humorous at the same time.

Unregistered User
(9/22/01 1:00 pm)
I don't wish to get anyone expelled from SRF. The clinical psychologist I spoke with mentioned 2 things about this personality disorder when it tends toward the malignant side:

1. The person should be closely supervised, and more importantly,
2. The person should not supervise anyone else. Any individual the person supervises is in danger. Their reputatation, their safety, their future, their credibility.

A person with this disorder can and may do great work for SRF... but they will also do great harm to people who report to them. Here is a quote from the professional I spoke with. I was not the only person to confer with her.

"There are many many many people out there with NPD and other personality disorders, and many of them are
extemely successful in their chosen professions. The problem with anyone who has NPD is, of course, the immense interpersonal difficulties that arise, especially given these individuals' incredible expertise with "impression management" (i.e., they are capable of extremely clever manipulation of the impression they make on others, and can impress those
in authority with their intelligence, resourcefulness, considerateness, and overall competence, while at the same time, undermining the credibility of those who they deem as "beneath" them in terms of status,
and treating them with incredible disrespect generally.) Obviously, something needs to be done in your situation, and I would suggest that you try to refrain from mentioning NPD since many people
simply are unfamiliar with it and won't be open to hearing about it, and also, since [he] has not yet been assessed (and diagnosed) by a professional."

There is more. She went on to tell me to describe concrete examples of behavior. This I will do in the coming weeks.


Unregistered User
(9/22/01 4:50 pm)
When you talk to this professional again, explain Mridani, Priya, Vishwananda and Satyananda (to mention a few of the more serious cases). The symptoms that you suggest fit them to a tee.

Ex HVAshramite
Unregistered User
(12/21/01 8:23 pm)
Re: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
Most anyone who spent much time at Hidden Valley knows who the monk is that is being discussed here. But please consider:

You take a man who is intelligent and practical, dedicated to SRF and serving God, perhaps overly ambitious, and not overly concerned with ethics. Stick him in a situation that is dysfunctional to start with - referring to the SRF political and monastic environment - and what do you think may happen?

It all starts at the top. The culture within SRF has been set by the top leaders and those who enter into it are deeply affected, for better or worse. I do not think it helpful to single out particular monks (except perhaps those with the most power and influence). Let's look at the top and the culture they have created. It is time for a change.

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