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(11/12/02 3:32 am)
for a year or more in the last half of the 90's

a man that had led a large part of the publication's at ananda's crystal clarity, up til a couple years prior, led a major effort to further the volume and the influence of the writings srf publishes

he was in charge of srf publications of video, audio and books

he was at ananda 17 years

between his departure at ananda and his leading srf publications, he was at a major publishing house in the san francisco area, in sales and promotions

here's what happened when i visited him in his office for a long relaxed visit

at the time (i work for the postal service all these years) one of my volunteer activities was helping robert arnett, the self-publisher, self-marketer... of "india unveiled."

on a shoe string.......... robert brought his major award winning book to the world...it is even now sold in srf temples and at convocation by srf

well in paulkelly's office, i placed robert's book.....
[i had some years of experience marketing books too]

my experience was taking yogananda's books to bookstores throughout northern california for years, and i had an srf business card

i place india unveiled on paul's desk.............

paul had just (with about a $20,000. budget) promoted "a day in the life of india," via a 6 page glossy flyer for the big buyers in the book world...

the two books side by side

robert's india unveiled
the big publisher's a day in the life of india

david and goliath

while acknowledging robert's efforts and even offering to help robert, for a large fee, (mentioning robert's desparate, green behind the ears situation).....while giving a kind word...

he extolled the superiority of a well packaged secular book, a day in the life of india

over the deeply inspiring india unveiled

india unveiled had a poor quality, though stunningly spiritually serene, cover jacket, and he, we might say ridiculed it

paul's words were professional yet blind,
i will be the first to admit, that while his words may have missed the mark that day, my words have yet to ever have any vision...........
he very kindly gave me about eight books as gifts

and he went on with this bankrupt professionalism to lead srf to publish some small books in a hurry, that are somewhat computer generated

the idea was that every major bookstore, and every single one of their franchised locations would have a choicely located whole shelf of srf books....once established, these shelves would be a permanent fixture satisfying the reading public's hunger for such for the dwarpara age

there were about five that year, prayer, etc

enough said

save one beautiful note
robert's book has gone into it's third printing, having immediately in its first printing of 10,000 copies

won the ben franklin gold award it is catagory
and won other awards too

its inspiration in the world is unmeasured
thank goodness for robert arnett

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Gitano no divino
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(11/12/02 12:19 pm)
Re: for a year or more in the last half of the 90's
I am the proud owner of a copy of India Unveiled and think it an extraordinary book. Some may quibble that his enthusiasm causes him to get carried away at times, but that´s all that is, a quibble. In fact, his enthuasiasm is infectious, and the photography is stunning. Its success speaks for itself.

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