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Concerned Emp
Unregistered User
(1/28/02 10:13 pm)
SRF Employment Practices
Once the layoffs happen, those laid off can go to the California Employment Board with the following problems.

1. For years, SRF paid by what a person could prove they needed to be paid to live, not what the job was worth, their performance was worth, or their training was worth. Raises were handed out the same way. Sorry bad ladies, that is against the law.

2. For years SRF failed to compensate employees for overtime. A lot of people will testify that this happened. Sorry bad ladies, that is against the law.

3. For years SRF expected many of its employees to “volunteer” for convocation, youth program, open house, Halloween, etc… Sorry bad ladies, that is against the law.

Let the games begin. Karma is a @#%$ isn't it?

Registered User
(1/28/02 10:46 pm)
Re: SRF Employment Practices
For more information, see

California Dept of Industrial Relations

California Employment Development Department

There are claim forms for unpaid overtime.

If you have not been paid overtime, you need to document the hours and days and then file a claim. Within 30 days the state will set up a meeting. There is a procedure to follow which is listed on one of the above websites.

You have 3 years in which to file a claim. If you are or have been an employee, you deserve to get paid overtime. Not because of your skills, but because you deserve it. You work hours then by law you get paid for the hours. You deserve it because you are worth it. As a child of God, you are worth it because you are. You are enough because you are.

And, in California, it is daily overtime, not weekly overtime. You work over 8 hours in a day, you get overtime for that day. Read up on the regulations.

Pig Ma
Registered User
(1/28/02 11:29 pm)
Re: SRF Employment Practices
My husband works for a non-profit organization, and he is not allowed to volunteer his time. When they sail The Star of India ship, they have to prepare for many weeks ahead of time. There is a big volunteer crew, plus some of the employees who actually do the sailing. So while he is working with volunteers, he is getting paid overtime to go to work on the weekends for the sailing practices. He even gets paid overtime for sailing the Star, which is considered quite a treat to do, hence all of the volunteers.

I would think the same rules would apply to SRF. I always wondered about this. Maybe it works out, since the people who do volunteer don't make the claims that would be necessary to get paid for their work. Or maybe SRF is paying them, because the law says they have to, even if people want to volunteer?

Since I'm not an employee, I'm not sure what they are doing.

Unregistered User
(1/29/02 6:57 am)
Not Paying
Not paying for volunteer service is standard practice inside SRF. Recently they have tried to avoid the most obvious cases. For 10+ years the head of one of the major events of the year, an employee, was made to take time off without pay for the week of the SRF event.

One employee at convocation has a major role spending hours and hours before convocation supporting one of the primary rooms and is not paid for it.

All the events are handled this way. It is one thing if SRF appreciates it, but of course once close to them you are treated with no respect.

Registered User
(1/29/02 7:51 am)
Re: Not Paying
interesting. Looks like a class action law suit. In addition to money owed to the employee, they are not paying into the FICA system for the employer portion of FICA, so the government has a claim against them too.

I wonder why their Big 5 accounting firm isn't dealing with this large potential liability of SRF. But the computer project probably gives them more consulting fees!

Registered User
(1/29/02 8:09 pm)
File a claim?
Filing a claim against your church is difficult. Most of us came to SRF as volunteers first, so our employment is just an extension of that. SRF knows this and has taken advantage of it for 30 years. I doubt they even know they are doing it. It is just part of the culture.

Once the layoffs start, and the depression turns to anger, that may be a different story. The informal unspoken agreement many employees feel, where they think they are serving and are putting up with a lot of bad behavior and abuse, is done with the feeling that the place is a (dysfunctional) family. Employees, in the end, feel they will be taken care of. Once that covenant is broken, all hell is going to break loose.

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