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(12/11/01 12:37 am)
An Instance in 1994 that changed my life
I attended the 94 convocation. Brother Ramanand(a) gave a talk on Friday(?), the topic I can't remember, due in part to what this posting does recall. Sometime in the middle of his presentation, he started getting vociferous about loyalty to the guru, and how there were "followers" being misled and naivley (sp) believing they were true disciples. And lo to them and those leading them. Did anyone else see/hear fire and brimstone? He could have just stuck a knife in my gut! This is the way I felt/reacted, in addition to breakiing into a sweat! Believe me, did I introspect! What I came up with was very different from what he probably expected. I saw him as a throwback to the Inquisition! As infected by fear and anger. His tone was not centered nor peaceful, to say the least. He indelibly etched his energy into my visions/feelings toward SRF. Master did not change for me, my satsangs did not change; MY path began unfolding. It is now 7 years later. I serve Master now in ways Ramananda feared and warned about. In and outside of organizations I have introduced hundreds to Yogananda, and for those not ready to hear about gurus and our vedic/original Christianity teachings, I offer to them that Love and soul expansion which they can accept. I try to live and breathe Master & Christ and maintain my practices. There are so many instances of Grace and bliss that I am convinced of the correctness of my path. Daily I witness the abundance of opportunities and true friendships due I'm sure because I'm attemping to put God first and see "God alone". Joy is the proof. I am grateful for Br. Rama------'s behaviour (embarrassed for him!), for that day I learned the power of authority, its ability to abuse, confuse and injure. I remember to relate to people, to be compassionate, that people are always more important than things. I remembered that God is within, that God is Joy eternal, and noone can deny me my right to inspiration, in this case interpreting and expressing my discipleship. And I learned to value compassion. Didn't Master say that (paraphrasing) God created the villain in this world so that we don't have to become it ourselves? Om Guru.

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(12/11/01 8:42 am)
I don’t really know Ramamanda, but the issue of "followers" being misled and naively believing they were true disciples (or following true disciples) is of course what this board is all about. It is a very difficult thing to accept, that you may have been deceived by those you trusted.

It has taken more than one good honest person down into depression.

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(12/29/01 12:35 pm)
Christ is the answer
Yogananda has given us many blessings in the teaching of love, so has Mother Teresa. They all lead us back to Christ, the Savior. For me, watching the Pope's Mass has lead me back to the ONE.
OM Peace

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