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Unregistered User
(8/23/01 8:49 pm)
Ananda at SRF Convocation
Many of you out of town people are not aware that SRF made announcements warning about disruptions at Convocation. They said that Ananda would be there to disrupt the convocation but not to worry and just to enjoy the week. They took half of the Sunday services to explain the same thing and the rumors being spread are that Daya Mata didn’t show up for fear of a disruption.

I can report that they did show up. At the downtown hotel they sat outside and sang Master’s chants. At Hollywood they chanted Master’s chants and held up signs saying SRF was suing them (which is true). I don’t know if they were anywhere else. Maybe someone can report on Forest Lawn or Mother Center.

One devotee said it was actually nice at Hollywood. They stayed out of the way but gave a devotional background music to the whole event! “Dangerous enemies” chanting Master’s chants are the kind of enemies to have!

Unregistered User
(10/4/01 9:07 pm)
Ananda at Convocation
Hey, here's a thought -- so we finally meet the enemy and he looks a lot like us!

How much do we really know about Ananda and Kriyananda that didn't come from the leaders of SRF? We are finding out that the SRF leaders are not a real good place to look for the truth. So many folks on this board use Ananda as the definition of being way out of tune. Who told us that?

Kriyananda is, afterall, the granddaddy of all ex-monks -- the first one to be pushed out. But he didn't sign that nondisclosure and he didn't go away.

Ananda isn't the point of this board, but the last posting made me wonder. Question reality.

Unregistered User
(10/12/01 11:01 pm)
Very good point
Good point. Once you have been lied to and lied about by the matas and their aids, you realize there is probably a lot you have believed for many years that might not be true.

Unregistered User
(10/17/01 1:55 pm)
Ananda at Convo
I liked Ananda's presence at convocation. They behaved with dignity and love. We at SRF need more "in your face" stuff like this. By the way, did anyone else dislike Bro. Vishwananda's comment on the opening night that "we can only feel sorry for them"? (Meaning Ananda.) How arrogant. But that's normal for the SRF administration.

Registered User
(12/7/01 1:29 am)
Re: at SRF Convocation
I was there. I read interesting perspectives of these events as daily postings from the Convocation "chanting/picket-lines" listed on www.yoganandarediscovered.com. And yes, daily, for hours throughout the week, Master's chants were sung and signs were carried outside the Gates of Mt. Washington during the hosted outdoor "picnics." Although no protesting was done at Forest Lawn, non-SRF gurubais/kriyabans were present meditating in the chapel, respectfully sharing space and prayers with SRF members during their pilgrimages. Looks like the start of real world brotherhood! What do you think?

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Unregistered User
(12/7/01 4:20 pm)
E Pluribus Unum
The bitter hatred displayed toward Donald @#%$ and his followers (despite pious disclaimers from Faye Wright about bearing no ill will toward the rank and file, only against @#%$) should have alerted me, and every loyal Yogananda disciple, that something was very wrong at Mt. Washington. And that was before I knew that the SRF Board of Directors have spent tens of millions of dollars in a relentless -- and unwinnable -- decade-long legal battle to gain complete control of virtually any written material associated with Yogananda. (Not to mention use of the phrase "Self-Realization"!)
In a way the actions of the @#%$ crowd at Convo reminds me of the early days of integration in the Deep South. What a sad commentary on the evolution of Yogananda's original premise -- that you could belong to any religion and still practice the techniques of meditation he taught. Now SRF thinks it IS a religion, and it is actually an act of courage for people who follow his teachings to show up at a gathering of the "officially approved" devotees and peacefully go about their business.
Kind of like Christ's followers trying to keep the crowd back, until he was forced to say, "Suffer the little children...."

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