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Open forum for the discussion of SRF (Mt.Washington - Los Angeles), it's practices, goals, and relationship to members and monastics/employees. Our aim is to help each other, provide an alternative source for information about SRF, and allow us all to share our opinions.
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King

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  Specific Stories copied from other places on this board by the EZOP
I am creating this section to hold specific experiences posted on this board. There is so much debating going on that new people are emailing me that they can’t find specifics. This section will contain specifics, with no debate. I will post messages here, pulling them out of the board when I find them, to keep them easy to find without the clutter. Help me find them!
5611/30/03 7:51 pm
  Links to Really Good Threads
Please post links in this section to the best threads you have found here on the Walrus site. We get email that it is difficult to re-find some of the really good threads on the board. When you all find them, please post a short summary here and the link. The Walrus Management Committee will review submissions and make sure they relate to the core purpose of this board. Thanks for the help.
393/5/06 4:47 pm
  Purpose of this Board / Suggestions / How to Participate
If you want to participate in this discussion read some of the notes in this section.
2884/3/06 9:01 am
  Core Issues
Sure they mistreat people and do goofy stuff, but what are the core issues, the root causes?
17163/29/06 4:38 pm
  Treatment of Members/Monastics
SRF’s treatment of people is the core problem being addressed with this bulletin board.
8963/1/06 1:16 pm
  SRF Teachings and Ideals
Discussion of ideas presented by SRF, the Lessons, quotes, books
21693/29/06 4:34 pm
  Householder vs. Monastic
Discussions about what it means to be a householder and monastic. Differences, how they are similar, etc...
1699/12/05 9:39 am
  Life on the Inside
Questions from the masses on what life is really like for monastics and insiders. Heard a rumor and want to know if it is true? Wonder what really goes on? Post a question or tell a story of your own.
3871/13/06 8:28 am
  History of SRF
Separate from the morality debate on how SRF acts, when where, what and why did various things happen? How did the current president get control, when did the Lessons get written, by who, and so on.
3813/29/06 11:22 am
  Layoffs - The downsizing of SRF has begun
Serious layoffs at SRF have begun. Share opinions about what this means, what is really happening, how it impacts our view of SRF and what we can do to help those impacted.
2516/15/05 11:50 am
  What can we do to help SRF?
What can we do to promote positive change within SRF? Share your ideas.
3874/25/05 9:52 pm
  Dealing with my doubts
One of the first reactions to finding out how Mother Center runs is often doubts about Master or the spiritual path. Ask questions, make suggestions or share stories about how you coped with what exposure to SRF has done to your spiritual life.
4036/23/04 11:30 am
  I need advice
Many devotees and ex-monastics with more than 20 years on the path may be able to help.
5201/13/06 8:59 am
  Messages to Mother Center
This section is for messages to Mother Center and SRF Management. We know they monitor the board so make it easy for them to find messages intended for just them!
2529/13/05 12:00 pm
  Troubling Waste
Discussions about the waste of money, time, materials, and other related issues.
733/31/06 9:33 am
  Meeting Place / Communities / Colonies
Leave messages for old friends and communicate by using the email feature of this board. Discuss community events or other social activities.
10612/3/04 1:19 pm
  SRF Mother Center
What is happening at the Mt. Washington facility?
4033/28/06 10:34 am
  SRF Publications Center
What is going on at the SRF Publications facility in Los Angeles?
815/23/04 7:18 am
  SRF Hidden Valley Ashram
11612/6/05 1:18 pm
  SRF Lake Shrine Ashram
276/22/03 6:32 pm
  SRF Legal Department
The Legal Dept is a major player in what goes on and helps set the tone of how SRF treats people.
1163/18/06 3:06 pm
262/3/04 1:45 am
  SRF Convocation, Tours, Speakers
993/6/05 11:04 am
  SRFwalrus para los devotos españoles y latinoamericanos
184/14/04 8:57 pm
  Polling - Give us your opinion
Most of you who visit seem too shy to post a message. We hope that you can interact with us through this polling facility! Give us your opinion.
1812/13/04 11:24 am
  Stories about Yogananda
This section is for stories about Paramahansa Yogananda. Some may be true, some not. Please share and invite comments.
653/28/06 3:01 am
  In the news
1893/28/06 3:21 am
  Other websites and information sources related to SRF
This section of the board allows you to post information about other websites and information which have been helpful in understanding what SRF is really up to or in healing from what has happened to you.
2793/27/06 11:21 pm
  Catch All
4674/2/06 9:18 pm
  Non-SRF Teachings and Ideals
This section is for the discussion of non-SRF religious practices, techniques, teachers and beliefs. Please share alternative ideals and books and so on....
11571/18/06 10:57 am
  Ananda Related Discussions
This section is for discussions related to Ananda. Please post Ananda related material on this part of the discussion forum. The Walrus is not a pro-Ananda forum.
4737/17/05 8:29 pm
  Letters to the Editor (cleared of identification!)
This section will contain emails we have received which might be interesting to the general Walrus community. These emails will be cleared of all identifying comments so as not to break any intended confidentiality. If you email us and ask that your email not be posted at all we will also honor that request.
928/5/05 7:32 am
  Not the Main Stream
Sometimes topics come up which people want to discuss which don't related directly to the thrust of this board. These threads will be here.
69612/3/05 11:07 am
  Discussions about Yogananda
This board was setup to discuss the organization that is now claiming to be the sole representative of Yogananda on earth. Some here who appear not to be devotees of Yogananda want to discuss him as well as SRF. While we feel he was a great Master we understand the confusion based on the claims and actions of SRF and its leaders. Messages about Yogananda will be directed here.
1099/13/05 3:07 pm
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